Friday, November 09, 2012

Ole Miss Football

We last minute decided to hit up Oxford for the Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M game this year.  Chip goes to every home game, but with my ever exhausting belly growth I opted Hill and I out of season tickets.

I'm a mean mama, I know.  Hill LOVED going to the game.  He had so much fun, it was truly priceless to see all the excitement reflected in his face.  

 We even got to see the Pettit's for a bit!  Hill was pulling Tanner everywhere!  I couldn't get a picture of them being still, they were having so much fun!

Sweet girls

Hill with pom pom in hand.
I'm pretty sure he was watching the band at this time.
He LOVED the "instruments"
We had good seats and the people around us were very supportive and helpful as my large pregnant self kept up with overly excited Hill.  Hill was obsessed with the guy behind us.  The guy behind us was enthralled with Hill.  Hill was pulling on his finger and it ended up the guy was missing part of the adjacent finger and had Hill so worried he'd really pulled his finger off!  Might have just been the funniest thing ever.  I absolutely can not imagine what was going through Hill's brain as he noticed the nub and opened his own hands looking for the missing finger.  I sure wish I'd have caught it on video...hilariously priceless.

After the 3rd quarter we went and sat with Daddy & Papa.  Papa went and got a hotdog for himself and didn't get one bite.  Hill invited himself to eat the whole thing, without asking.  Kiddo had worked up an appetite!

Hill would repeat everything everyone said.  He learned Hotty Toddy and insisted on yelling it the whole time.  It was great!

Hotty Toddy!

When we got in the car he said his favorite part was the instruments.  I have to admit it was probably mine too because it was the only time he was still.  I have no idea what went on during game time.  I was one tired mama afterwards. 

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