Friday, November 09, 2012

Best Daddy Ever

Hill and Reid are the luckiest kids I know, which makes me the luckiest wife.  They have such an interactive hands on Daddy that does so much.  
It's so funny to see the things that Hill does just like his Daddy.

He keeps a pencil behind his ear just like his Dad

Swings him higher until his arm falls off.
Then swings him some more!

Stops to let me take a picture with a mini hamburger on the side of the highway

Picks Hill up early from school to watch the Homecoming Parade

Hill loved the "instruments," especially the tuba. 

Hill sleeps like his daddy

Daddy reads book after book after book

Rides him on the lawn mower

Over flows the tub with bubbles!

Takes us to the pumpkin patch

Teaches him how to play PLINKO at the Halloween Carnival
Man, we just don't know how he does it.  He's the best and we know it.  He's survived our marriage through this estrogen infested pregnancy where no one can do right.  He cooks dinner every night,  cleans the house, does dishes and puts up with the three most needy dogs you've ever met.  He's a trooper and we are beyond lucky.  We love you Daddy.

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