Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JJ’s Baby Shower

Sweet Baby Girl Warrington will be here Monday, September 24th and we were excited to shower her mommy with love and goodies on Sunday, August 26th. Although we didn’t get a hostess picture it was me, Whitney Pettit, Gena Pope, Amanda Hays, Amanda Triplett, Dana Nichols and Melissa Steed. Everyone played such a significant role and the party turned out fabulous!

*Amanda Hays made the cake – it was not only BEAUTIFUL it tasted fabulous. She is also a magic woman with the camera so I stole most all of these pictures from her blog.

*Melissa did the flower arrangement and her talent is beyond measurable.

*Amanda T, Gena & Dana fixed some awesome foods.

*Whitney coordinated everything to a T, found precious invites and graciously hosted it at her house.

*I did the punch, as that is my forte and I have the most awesome punch bowl in Kosciusko, MS. I’m not bragging, it’s true. That is by far my most used wedding present ever. I also did the pink plates and napkins then busted out my Francis I silverware as I cannot think of any better occasion to use frilly fun things than a baby shower for a sweet tiny girl.

Then also, Whitney and I (mostly from the creative brain of Whitney) appliqued a few onsies for Baby Girl Warrington. I just love doing this. It’s so fun!

Can't wait for Harvey's baby sister to get here!

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