Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vacation to Orange Beach 2012

Ok you got a brief post of our vacation while we were on it (August 20th), so I won’t do too much talking (yeah right). Only pictures. Hannah is 11 and has now started junior high (as of the week after vacation) and is absolutely the most amazing kiddo ever. Hill is 2 and a half and is a silly independent mama’s boy or since my dad was there (Papi) he was a total Papi’s boy too. Everyone else could go jump off a cliff for all he cared…the entire trip.

After our sonogram appointment we drove down to Diamondhead, which wasn’t really in the plan, but worked out well and gave us a head start for Saturday to head to Orange Beach - - Or as Hill wanted to call it Blue Beach. My dad wanted to see our lot in Bay St. Louis as he will be designing and advising us on what to do when the time comes. So we met Mimi, Hannah & Papi Friday around 6:00 took them to the lot and then went and ate at the Jourdan River Steamer. Yum. My family had driven to Biloxi Thursday and stayed at the Beau Rivage on Thursday and Friday night, I think Hannah wants to live there. Chip, Hill and I stayed at the condo Friday, then we all went onto “Blue” Beach for vacation!

It rained a lot so we relaxed, but we still got to enjoy swimming, boating, beaching - yes I did the sand for my son and he hated it as much as I did because he got dirty. Yay! I told my step mom that means I only have to do the sand one more time in my life to give Reid her opportunity then I’m done. Hopefully.

Side Note: The picture below of my dad wiping his face off with the towel was like 1 minute after he was trying to body surf and he couldn’t stand up because the water had pulled his bathing suit to his knees. So glad I missed that. Too funny though.

Also the picture of the silver tub with turkey and lettuce in it is the hermit crab Chip thought Hill needed. His name is ‘Daddy’ the hermit crab and hopefully he has survived life in the back yard because neither he nor I were happy with his living arrangements in the house.

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