Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fresh New Look

So I decided to do a little house keeping on the ol' blog.  I've been using the Blogger iPhone app to do all my posting because it's easy, my pictures are on my phone anyway and I can cut and paste from a word doc via my email all of my big long wordy posts.

Since I do this, I don't ever get on the computer to check to see how or how well things have posted.  I always check from my phone.

I get a big F in the assumption department.  Tonight as I battle with iCloud and iPhoto and storage space I thought I'd log onto my blog and see what she looked like.

Here is what I've found.

1) Being that I post from my phone....The pictures from my new phone are so large they only post half the photo and so on some of my blog post photos you've had to click on the photo to see who I'm actually photographing.  Why didn't anyone say anything?  Seriously I can stalk to see how many viewers I have daily and on which posts so I know that just today I've had 39 viewers and yesterday I had 151.  Why wouldn't anyone fill me in on my photo debacle over the past ummm I don't know 4 months??

So sorry to all of you that have been cut out of pictures.  It should now be corrected dating all the way back to like March.

On a semi long winded positive note....I have a Mac.  One that is large like something you would find on MTV Cribs.  If you will recall it was a generous gift from my sister in law.  It's an intimidating piece of fancy equipment.  I'll admit I'm old school, I like my PC, I get nervous punching unfamiliar buttons and this machinery has plenty of scary buttons.  The one big qualm of mine (and why I was using Blogger phone app) was not being able to upload and resize pictures to Blogger from my iPhoto -where all my pictures are housed- yet since it's been 4 months or so since I've used the normal blogging way (not via phone) it looks as though my problem has been resolved.  So yay, I will strive to be a better photo blogger and post pictures throughout my posts instead of vomiting them all at the end of every post, WHICH I HATE via the Blogger phone app.

2) I have a lot of random spam followers, if I've deleted you as a follower I am sorry, it's not that you looked shady...well yeah, I guess it kind of is because you looked shady.  I tried to individually check out your legit-ness before giving you the kabosh.  If you are a real non spam person that truly gets a kick out of my random babble, please click to follow me again.  I will try not to stereotype you.

3) I figured after 6 years of blogging it was time to rid of the vomit green background.  I spruced it up with a little pink as I am try to add more of it and accept it's presence throughout my house and life.  So, enjoy.  Maybe I will try to make an effort to not wait another 6 years to spice things up.

4) On that same note, I have not updated my profile information in either 6 years or almost 3 years, either way it's been a long time.  I haven't gotten around to it still, but I am aware of it and will add that to my "to do" list.  Along with a better bio once Reid comes along.  And of course pictures of her being born instead of the one where Hill is literally 2 seconds old, as he is now approaching 3 years.

Ideally I'd like to post a cute picture of my kids at the top and be able to have fancy music to soothe your aura as you read my jib jab, but honestly, I have no clue how to do that and with this Mac it makes me nervous.

5) The last thing I've found is that I need to just really take the time to blog from my computer as it is truly the most appropriate way.  In turn, this means I have to make some "me" time instead of lunch break 2 seconds copy paste post from phone as to not get too far behind.

I don't want to feel obligated to post.  I love to blog.  I want to keep up the best I can and unfortunately my life is busy, as is yours too.  So I know that you respect my full time job as a mother and full time professional career and lack thereof of my personal time.  That's why I thought the Blogger phone app was the best route for not getting too far behind on my journaling.  It still may be.

I don't mean this ugly as I respect and love all of my readers.  Yet, I have to say that my feelings are a little tarnished.  Someone said to me the other day how I "just haven't blogged like I use to, like when I was pregnant with Hill."  It made me feel like a song and dance show for their entertainment.  It made me feel a little lot guilt ridden, like I'm giving Reid the short end of the stick.  Like their sense of sanity and normalcy is validated by my insanity or something - you know like when you watch that Hoarders show and you feel so much better about your house being "not as dirty as theirs."

I get it though, they probably didn't mean it as a low blow.  I'm pregnant and tend to be emotional though.  It's true.  I wish I blogged hourly but when I was pregnant with Hill I didn't have a two and a half year old to tend to.  I didn't have the worries that come with being a mother or much less being a mother and taking the journey of his cleft and wanting to blog as often as I could to maybe reach another mother who has/had the same experiences and fears.  Now as I gestate my second child, with the afore mentioned (and loved) obligations along with pregnancy brain, I'm lucky if I put on matching shoes in the morning.

All this to say, I'm trying.  I'm trying to give my blog a facelift.  New fresh colors.  New fresh layout.  I'll get some new fresh photos in 7 weeks.  I'm going to try to post from my computer and not my phone.  Hopefully all will be right in the world and the stars will align appropriately with both my and my readers juju.

Give me a second...I'm stepping off my soapbox now....

I love my readers, I love when they comment, please comment.  I love that I can write about what's on my mind and you still read it.  I'm trying to be more positive and not a poo poo head.  I promise.  I'm working on it, but I can't deny my "realness" as one of my readers calls it.  I can only be me and these past 8 months I've been pretty moody, self aware of it, but moody.  Ask my husband, he will concur.  He blames all the estrogen running through my body.  Rightfully so, I'm sure.  He knew Reid was a girl from the first time I growled and spit on him.  Ok so I made that part up, but I'd been not so nice to him through at least the first 1/3 of this pregnancy.  He's a trooper.

So, anyway please let me know if you like the new look or if it's too Pepto-Bismol-ish.  I'm learning this girly stuff - slowly but surely.


Melanie said...

Girl, don't sweat it. I do love reading all about your adventures. Please feel no pressure to keep it up for my stalking tendencies;) Now, as for your pictures being all cra-cra, I can't say I've ever noticed.

rachel said...

I haven't noticed the pictures being crazy either, but I check it frOm an iPhone. I stumbled upon your blog one day and I love reading it! LOVE the cute new layout :)