Monday, September 17, 2012

Cookie Fun!

So I’m a stalker. My friend, Amanda that did the cake at JJ’s shower…I want to have her talents. She made some sugar cookies for a family fish fry and decorated them as precious fish. I was awe struck so I emailed her and she let me know how to do it…yet my cookie or icing didn’t even remotely resemble hers. It was still good and edible, but not smooth and non-crumbly.

I wasn’t going for award winning my first go round even though I made enough icing to ice every kid in Attala County’s birthday cookies from now until next summer. And, it’s a good thing I wasn’t looking to win an award because the furthest my cookie could travel without crumbling into 14 pieces was my, Chip and Hill’s mouths. But hey, they were really fluffy and good! Even better by the next day.

I did manage to smear some lumpy white royal icing onto the cookies and bought some icing markers for Hill to decorate them with. At first Chip was like – WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING? He thought I was using a Sharpie permanent marker to color them with on the icing and then feeding it to my family. I may not be able to cook, but seriously, I’m not that stupid. You don’t eat permanent marker ink, you sniff it! Duh! So once he found out what it was he thought it was cool and joined in the fun. I noticed that he (Chip) wouldn’t eat a cookie until he colored it first. Such a kid at heart.

Here are our masterpieces. *Chip made the fish & jack-o-lantern, mine is the sunshine, and Hills’ is the “colorful” one.

*Then the picture of Hill’s face while eating his cookies is hilarious. It’s his new picture face that cracks me up. He’s such a dork.

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