Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012 – Real Dr. Visit (26 weeks)

Even though I went to the baby doctor Tuesday, Dr. Turner still wanted me to keep my Friday appointment as scheduled with Dr. North. I had my glucose test to take and my 4D sonogram to do!

We had packed the car and hooked up the boat the night before because after my 9:30 am appointment and my 2:00 pm sonogram we were headed on vacay…and I was stoked!

Chip, Hill and I loaded up and headed out. Hill loves to go to Jackson and he was excited to see Reid’s doctor too, then go to the coast too, and see Papi too, and Hannah too, and Mimi too (or as Hill says “toon” instead of too, which he uses that word a lot.)

I drank my flat orange glucose drink and it didn’t geek me out like last time. Chip was driving this time because he was pulling the boat. I knew that once I did my thing (pee in cup / take blood) then I could go back to the waiting room and share snacks with Hill. I was better equipped this time.

I was called back and weighed and even though I NEVER in a million years will tell you how much I weigh I will tell you that by this point I have "only" gained 18lbs. I’m pretty sure at this juncture I’d gained 6,000 lbs with Hill. I am quite proud of my fatty self.

Dr. North said that I did not have gestational diabetes! Yay for that! He said my iron was a little low but nothing to be alarmed about just eat some leafy greens. I told him about Tuesday and Dr. Turner and how I missed them and it was weird but they took good care of me but it wasn’t the same. I think that made him feel good. He reiterated to drink fluids and lay low…as he gently looked out of the corner of his eye at my very active 2 year old knowing that is near impossible. I saw him smirk, it was funny.

Chip had some work to do between the doctor appointment and sonogram. It was 11:30 and so he went to find a wi-fi place and Hill and I went to Newk’s to eat then walked over to Party City to look for fun plates and napkins for JJ’s upcoming baby shower. I also wanted to get a feel for what Hill wanted his theme for his birthday to be. You know it’s only 6 months away and I gotta start my OCD planning! He narrowed it down to whatever was on each aisle. Fireman, Super Hero, just Superman, just Spiderman, just Batman, Dinosaur, Dora The Explorer / Diego, the color blue (because as he says “Blue is my favorite"), Sports, each individual sport. So that didn’t go as planned.

Chip picked us up and we went back to the doctor for our 4D sonogram. Everything went really well, no new news or measurements or feedback as I’d just had a sonogram that Tuesday, just not a 4D. The tech was the same sweet girl that told us we were having a Reid Catherine and not a Reid Thomas. She said she was still 1,000% sure it’s a girl Reid. Reid didn’t really want to move around a lot, just her hands. We were able to see a straight on face to face view in the regular sonogram, which shows no malformation of the lip/nose area. The 4D sonogram was only her right side profile and sometimes we could see a bit of the top, but she wouldn’t turn. Chip and I felt extremely comfortable with the photos and sonogram and feel that nothing is wrong even though we couldn’t really see the left side of her face via 4D. The tech said we could come back another day if we wanted to, but with the pictures we got we were so amazed…it was like she was here in real life. My vote if you are going to do the 4D is to do it at 26 or 27 weeks. Not too squished in there where they are a blob and not too tiny as you can see each finger, eye, ear, mouth opening, just absolutely amazing.

We have a TON of pictures printed and the whole sonogram all on DVD. The tech gave Hill a picture of his baby sister and when the ladies in the hall asked what he had; Hill told them it was a picture of a monster. Of course Chip re-prompted the fact that he wanted to name her Grover.

I love it that Hill calls her by her name. I love it when people ask him now about his baby sister he doesn’t always get shy and turn his head; he talks about it most of the time when people ask about her and says her full name is “Weed Cah-frin.” I love it.

Well, here you go. Meet Reid Catherine. I’m thinking she’s going to look like my side of the family. There were a few pictures where I thought she looked like my brother Jason (as his face is thinner than mine) so it gives me hope that maybe just maybe I’ll have a kid that someone will know is mine too.

Here is my favorite picture so far.

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