Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August 14, 2012 - Unexpected Dr. Visit

I knew I had a few readers, but I guess I didn’t really know how many readers I actually had until my last post. Thanks for your prayers, your uplifting words and your missing of my happy self. I keep it real here and that means my sad times too. I didn’t mean for the blah to linger on my blog as long as it has but life keeps me really really busy and I’ll start from where I last left off.

August 14th was a Tuesday and I woke up feeling a bit different. I’d been having Braxton Hicks for some time now, but Tuesday was like – super what in the world is going on? I may just birth this baby, today. I felt funny too. I went into work, did my work thing all the while thinking…Braxton Hicks – seriously, let up as my tummy cannot get any harder than it is. I called my doctor, who was out for the day so I had to talk to someone I didn’t know. That’s always awkward. “Um, yes, you don’t know me but I feel different. Ok, so can you help me?” So nice people helped me and said I needed to come in. Before I left town I stopped by Pickle’s Drug Store to have sweet Rob check my blood pressure as I knew I didn’t feel right. It was an odd 139/59. My pressah is usually impeccable. Rob said that’s enough to make you feel bad.

Being that I had an appointment scheduled for that coming Friday on the cusp of vacation time and it was only Tuesday my hubby was like…are you going to have this baby today? I said, probably not. He said ok, can Whitney take you? I called Whit and she so graciously dropped everything and took me to the doctor in Jackson.

Before I go any further about the doctor visit I have to explain Chip’s grouchiness for that particular day. That morning Hill woke me up at like 4:30 am. He had evidentially been up for a while and we didn’t know it. At like 7:00 am Chip came in his room as we were playing and had something in his hand. Here is how the conversation went. I cannot make this up.

Chip: Buddy, what happened to my glasses? (as he hold up 4,000 bent up broken pieces)
Hill: I broke them.
Chip: Hill, why did you break them? These are expensive glasses.
Hill: Daddy, are you going to get some cool glasses now?

Neither one of us could keep a straight face. Chip was still soo pissed but just laughed to keep from crying. So the start of his day was junk and he let it linger which is why I knew if he ended up going to Jackson with me and I didn’t birth Reid then I’d be on his “thanks for ruining my day” list too.

So, Whit and I went to Jackson. I was to see a Dr. Tucker. I wanted to know more about this ‘said’ Dr. Tucker before I throw my lady parts to his care…so I googled him while we were on the way. For all of you Kosciusko people, if you go to Jackson Healthcare for Women’s website and click on Dr. Tucker you will think that Brother Barry from First Baptist Church will be your gyno. I died. I text Chip and asked him if he was ok with Bro. Barry potentially having to look at my lady parts and sent him the link. Chip died. Yet the good thing was that once I got there and Dr. Tucker came in, he didn’t look a thing like Bro. Barry. Thank goodness. I’d have felt like I’d needed to repent to him or something.

They retook my blood pressure and when I told the nurse that earlier it was 139/59 she was like, they must have taken it wrong. Umm, no they didn’t because hers read 142/60. So weird. I’d told Dr. Tucker about my Braxton Hicks and how my stomach won’t let up, I told him about my weird blood pressure, I’m sure I told him a whole lot of unnecessary stuff like what the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow was…but I also told him I peed the bed Saturday night.

Yes, shut up! It was like 11:30 pm and I was laying there watching Conan or something late night-ish and peed, unprompted. If you haven’t been pregnant then you just don’t understand. Don’t judge. I panicked for like 2.5 seconds because Chip wasn’t there and I didn’t know what to do, but then I remembered back to when I thought my water broke when I was pregnant with Hill, and Chip scarfing down chicken wings and running around doing everything random except what he needed to do…yet in the end I’d just pee’d myself. I didn’t want to go through that hilarious ordeal again so what do I do when Chip isn’t around to advise me? I google what to do.

I told Dr. Tucker that I knew it was pee because I read if it were my water then I’d have leaked over the past few days and I hadn’t. He wanted to check anyway (what, like webmd doesn’t know?) and do a sonogram…which worked for me! See as much as I love Dr. North, I know I wouldn’t have gotten a sonogram outta the deal had he been there. Yay for Bro. Barry - - Err…Umm..I mean Dr. Tucker!

Whitney waited patiently in the waiting room and when I came through to get the sonogram done I grabbed her and she got to come and see sweet Reid.

The sonogram tech was the lady that did my first sonogram at like 8 weeks when I was so disappointed Reid was only 1 cm long and I couldn’t tell about her facial formation. This time though Reid weighed 2lbs 3 oz. She had a full belly, it was huge and round. Her hands were everywhere and she was beautiful. She was measuring 26 weeks and 6 days which was 6 days ahead of schedule. My belly was measuring 28 weeks (2 weeks ahead of schedule.) Amniotic fluid level was good and heart rate was good but they never told me what the bpm (beats per minute) was that day.

So home we went. Without a baby. Orders that if contractions continue to be rough just take Tylenol and drink lots of water and lay in bed (because that’s easy to do with a 2 year old.) No info about blood pressure, guess it would correct itself with laying in bed?

Anyway, all ended up being well in the world that day, except for Chip’s reading glasses.


sm2 said...

scary stuff! glad everything was ok. Reid looks beautiful!

Ruth said...

That is scary. I am glad you are better.