Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stomach Virus

The devil hath reared his ugly head into our home. I’ve NEVER experienced such madness in my entire life. I am happy to report that the demons have been exercised and I lost 6 pounds within 24 hours.

Saturday morning (9-8-12) Hill woke us up at like 7:30 am saying “I’m Hurt! Mama, I’m Hurt!” I picked him up and noticed the vomity look on his face and ran to the bathroom with him. My poor noggin’ had never thrown up before so he didn’t know what had happened to him. He’s thrown up, but it was at an age when he wasn’t conscious of his actions and what they meant. So this was a first, for us all. His way of saying he wasn’t ok was to say he was hurt.

I tried not to panic so that he would keep calm as I explained to him what throwing up meant. I think at one point I made the “Huuhhllaa” vomit noise with my tongue out and head over the toilet to mimic throwing up and how to do it. Looking back, I bet that was extremely hilarious. Anyway, my bugga boo was sick. He’d gotten sick in his bed and had traveled across the house for help. Broke my heart.

He didn’t really feel good all day Saturday, never threw up again. He’d run to the bathroom claiming the need to throw up and do my “huuhhllaa” over the toilet noise, but no true vom. See, it stuck, he knew what to do. He had a little tum tum trouble but nothing that really threw an “I’m a stomach virus” red flag. Maybe he’d eaten something bad? We ate a rich steak late the night before, maybe it didn’t sit right?

Yeah right.

We bee bopped through the rest of the weekend. Everyone fine and dandy. Went to Reid’s shower Sunday afternoon and left Chip and Hill to do boy things, they were headed for a nap when my mom and I left the house. Two and a half hours later we came home to find Hill fending for himself and Chip laid up in the bed sick as a dog. Poor Chip said, all I knew to do was lock the dead bolts on the door and pray that Hill didn’t hurt himself inside the house, I couldn’t watch over him. Give Hill a TV and a pop up tent and he’s good to go on his own.

So the time is around 5:00 pm. Mom, Hill and I went to CVS and WalMart to stock up on toilet paper, Gatorade and Ginger Ale as if there were a hurricane coming….and yes sir there was a hurricane a coming. By 8:00 it hit me. I have no way to explain it except that maybe it was comparable to being possessed by a poltergeist. My body has never ever ever in its 32 years been this sick. This continued for nearly 12 straight hours. I’d determined that if I was still throwing up by the time my doctors’ office opened I was going to have to be hospitalized. This could not have been healthy for Reid.

I called Dr. North’s office and Toni called me in some drugs to knock me out. Meanwhile, my mom and Hill played and played and played and Chip was slowly making his way back into reality after 20 hours of lying in bed. If you know my husband then you know that is super crazy. He hates to lay in the bed for even a night’s sleep much less in motionless agony for 20 hours! He did not throw up though. Chip has serious mind over matter…serious.

So in my coma between 11:00 and 4:00 I’m not too sure what my mom, my son and my husband did. It’s all a blur. All I knew was that it was Monday and that meant that I had to be well by the next day. I had Elton John tickets and by damned I was NOT going to miss it. I could totally die afterwards as seeing him was on my bucket list. I was actually fully prepared to die should I survived to even make it to Jackson to the concert. I would have to apologize to all the people around me for puking all over them throughout the concert, but I was going to be there…nothing was going to stop me.

So I survived Monday and put on my happy face and went to work Tuesday. Everyone continued to feel well and I kept a constant check on my mom as I knew she was next. It was as if she were a ticking time bomb. I’ll post about the Elton concert but I just have to say that my mom, the trooper, held out on getting sick until Wednesday morning. Poor Mama Lou, herz so tiny and old we were worried about her. How not fun to be sick and not in your own bed and have the worst ever strain of stomach virus known to man kind. She took the coma medicine and I’d text her every now and then from work to check on her. It was a sickness that you just needed to lay there. Lay there and not move, if you moved it was bad news bears all the way around.

I was soo glad Mama Lou was here when Chip and I got sick! As I have NOT A CLUE what we would have done with Hill those 20 some odd hours. Also she was there for us to go see Elton which was amazing. Yet, I was soo sad that she had to get sick with this demonic plague, but I was glad that she did get sick on Wednesday because I knew she’d be out of the “not ok period” should she decide she wanted to fly home to her own bed Thursday evening. Mama Lou sure took one for the team.

I thought we were all going to die. So glad it didn’t affect Hill like it did his mama. I really had it worse than anyone, I’m not just saying that. My mom even commented that it was awful and I was way sicker than they were and she wasn’t too sure how I lived through that. I honestly cannot answer that as I didn’t think I’d make it. I seriously did lose 6 pounds in 24 hours. Crazy business.

I’ve decided that instead of terrorists using anthrax in A/C units in government buildings it would be worse to use this strain of the stomach virus. Everyone would be immobilized.

God bless the coma medicine.

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