Monday, September 17, 2012

Mama Lou’s visit & Ava’s visit

We’ve had a couple special out of town guests weekend before last. Mama Lou (my mom) flew in on Saturday night, September 8th from Texas! Hill even made her a special sign to hold for when she came out of the security gate at the airport. I think that EVERY person that came out of the terminal was so glad to see Hill even though his sign said “Welcome Mama Lou!” Even the people that were waiting on their people to arrive were loving him and his precious sign.

Once Mama Lou got her luggage, he was such a big helper to help his Mama Lou roll her big suitcase all the way to the car in the parking garage. I think he had ulterior motives. He knows what’s in Mama Lou’s suit case when she comes. Toys and books and all kinds of Hilly-treats. Sometimes I wonder where she packs her clothes.

Then, Sunday morning our friends from Nashville came over for breakfast before they headed back out of town. Elizabeth Steele Kaiser and her husband, Mike, along with their two little girls Ava (who is Hill’s age) and Anna who was born in February and I was so patiently waiting to meet for the first time!

Hill was such a flirt and acted a little bit like a show off twirp towards Ava. He didn’t want to share his “big wheels” even though he NEVER rides the dang thing. I’ve never seen him so flirty to a girl his age. He loves older women, like Hollee Cheek Casey who is his ultimate friend girl, but I have to say look out Hollee, Ava may be taking the rein.

Elizabeth (Ed) had hoped to come to Reid’s shower that afternoon, but being on a Sunday afternoon it would have put her and her family back to Nashville late. Honestly, it was so nice and much easier to be able to sit with Ed and actually catch up and play with the girls in a relaxed environment. So it all worked out, I think.

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