Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Kicking the Cat"

I'd never heard this term "Kicking the Cat" until a couple of years ago, but we are effected by it every day! "Kicking the Cat" is like Paying it Forward, but in a negative way. For example, today, as I went through Wal-Mart gathering my necessities (that aren't necessities) I went to the paint department to get primer to put onto the blue walls -- see yesterdays picture for visual. I waited, and waited and finally after a good 7 minutes of pretending I knew in my head what I needed, I went to the helper in the gardening section to call someone to the paint department. After another good 10 minutes and a second call over the intercom this sour puss lady comes and I approach her to ask for her expertise, you would have thought I was the dumbest person that walked the face of the earth or at least I was treated that way, as she spoke down to me for asking about the differences in the primers and what would best fit my needs. After hopefully getting what I needed I asked her if she could shake it up in the machine for me. During the awkward 4 minutes that took she kept mumbling something under her breath and I politely asked, "Pardon Me, I'm sorry I couldn't hear you." And she acted like oh it was nothing and proceeded to do it again. By that time my primer was shaken and so was I. She handed me the can and I said, and my mother would be proud, "I hope you have a wonderful day" - Momma always said - "Kill them with Kindness" and that is what I was doing. She was obviously pissed at something and I wasn't going to let her kick my cat! So, after strolling away from that 20 minute procedure I rolled on up to the check out lady. The looks and the silent treatment I got from her was as if I had eaten her first born. I didn't say anything, but quickly checked out and walked towards the exit. Well when you have items not in bags, which I did, the door lady always checks your receipt. She seemed nice so I asked her what was wrong with everyone in the store today? Was there a company meeting? - they seemed like something was really aggravating them and seemingly took it out on the customers. She said that they found out that they have to wear uniforms and people are upset about it. Well that explained it, but really now, is it THAT big of a deal to where it has to affect everyone in the store that walks in?
So the moral of the story is when you know someone is trying to kick your cat (not to be confused with kicking you in the cat - because then you can get mad) try to be aware and don't let it ruin your day as well as everyone you come in contact with.

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