Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who said Wallpaper was pretty?

When my husband and I first started looking at houses, over a year ago, we thought about so many different things we could do. We could buy a fixer-upper or build or find something to make ours with a little things here and there. Well we found the perfect house for us and are thrilled. It is in a subdivision, yet in the country. It is an open floor plan, but allows for privacy. It's 8 years old but looks brand new. There are a couple of things we need to do like paint the "blue room" and take down the glow in the dark rocket ship border and stars on the ceiling. Thank goodness we didn't buy a fixer-upper because I am so tired just from removing that stupid border. (This is a pic of the room before we moved in - you get the idea.) I don't know what I'd do if I had a whole house to do something to. So, note to self and others when looking for a new house - make sure that there isn't any wallpaper or silly stars on the ceiling with dotted glow in the dark paint to make the pretty comet effect. If there is, put in the contract that it must be removed or figure in how much it would cost to have someone fix it and deduct it from the sale price. It sounds fun to have a house to fix up, but trust me - unless you are full of energy and can devote an unGodly amount of time to it...don't do it. At least the wallpaper in the master bathroom is decent and I can learn to live with the wallpaper in the other bathroom after this mini experience.

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