Monday, July 02, 2012

Lake, Putt Putt and Daycare Drama

Today is Thursday May the 24th. I cannot for the life of me remember what I did last weekend to even update you. I know we went to the Country Club and Tanner and Hill had their first ride around the lake in an inner tube being pulled by the boat! Mrs. Whitney rode with them and they did not want to stop! Finally after the 465th lap Mrs. Whitney said she was dizzy from going in circles and so we took a break to eat hamburgers.

There was a wedding out at the Country Club but I couldn’t figure out who it was. Then the bride and groom came down to the lake to take pictures and it was my friend Marsha’s brother, Evan! I didn’t interrupt only took a picture of them from afar and text it to Marsha. She text back that she thought that was us down at the lake and for us to come crash the wedding. I would have, but I wouldn’t have “blended” very well in my bathing suit cover up. It’s a sight I tell ya. So later on Marsha brought me some cake. She’s a true friend bringing the pregnant girl cake all the way down to the lake in her high heels. Trooper. Love her.

I feel like I’ve nonchalantly been a part of some major events in her family’s life. New Year’s 2 years ago Hill and I rode out to her uncle’s lake and all the family was gathered having a new year’s party and were all so sweet I wanted them to adopt me because they made me feel like I was family! We all gathered for the fireworks show that the guys were putting on and it was a sight! I remember tiny little Hill in my arms all bundled up laid back smiling at the fireworks going off in the sky. I wasn’t really paying much attention to my surroundings only Hill, but then across the lake something lit up. It said, “Will You Marry Me?” Lord I don’t know who is who or who isn’t married…I was so excited and confused! I look over next to me and this guy is on one knee proposing to the girl standing next to me. Whoa! Hello! I’m all up in the mix. She said yes and Marsha informed me that they married the following August and are now expecting their first child. Lovely lovely. Marsha’s family is pretty much the sweetest.

Ah! Ok, I remember now, Sunday Chip, Hill and I loaded up and drove to Jackson to play Putt Putt golf. Chip and I made the executive decision that Hill will be a golfer and we will try to dodge having to play baseball, football or any other sport (unless of course he wants to.) So when better to brain wash him, I mean teach him, than now? Lord have mercy on this heat. It was only like 88 degrees and we all almost died of heat strokes. We played 12 holes of putt putt and had a fun time. Hill likes to hit the ball then when it gets close to the hole pick it up and throw it in. I beat Chip...of course because here is a little tid bit fact that only a hand full of you know…at one juncture in my life I actually use to play golf avidly. Avidly does not mean that I was ever good, but it does mean that I can play. I was on the golf team in High School, again, this does not mean that I was ever good, or that I played in tournaments, but I was a part of a team and it just so happened to be golf. Chip on the other hand has clubs because all of his friends have clubs and that’s what you do – have the same things your friends have even if you don’t use them. Just kidding. Chip and I use to play golf more often when we lived in Oxford, but only a hand full of times after we moved to Kosciusko.

After the 12th putt putt hole we headed to Bass Pro Shop to cool off and look at the fish and as Hill says, “The other aminals.” While Chip looked for fishing stuff Hill and I jumped in a pontoon boat and Hill pretended to be a boat Captain while I propped my feet up. Once Chip came back the sales guy said, “Can I interest you in a boat?” I was quick to let the guy know that my husband was more than welcome to get a new boat, but he would not stay married to me as we have no more room for any more vessels at our house. The sales guy chuckled then looked at my face and realized I meant business. Poor fella, but 5 boats is enough for one man…but that’s just my thoughts. Well I take that back, Chip may have 4 boats, but Hill has 1 so 5 boats for one family is enough…but that’s just my thoughts. If we were shrimpers or had a deep sea charter then that would be one thing, but these boats do not bring in any supplemental income, therefore we can’t have anymore.

We’d planned to go to Sam’s and the grocery store while we were in Jackson, but we were so tired we headed home. Chip grilled steak and Hill and I caught lightening bugs in his bug catcher. I'm trying to teach Hill that not all bugs are bad. He flips out when he sees any bug and yells, "Mama! A bug-gah! Use your shoe!!!" He keeps me entertained. We had a great weekend!

This week, of the 21st marked only 3 more meetings until my Rotary tenure as President is up. I am a tad bit ready to turn over the reins to someone else.

Mrs. Barbara at Daycare called Tuesday and said that Hill will be moving up a class this next week. He will have his friend Rhett Regan back in his class. After Rhett and Hill were split up back in November Hill has struggled a bit. But they will be reunited along with some new faces and friends that we already know! I’m really looking forward to this transition because Hill has had a bit of a trying week. I don’t know if it’s because of some changes in his current class with Ms. Shonda leaving or the monotony of this routine. Hill likes stimulation and challenges. Anyway these past few days he has been a sweet boy in the mornings up until it’s time to go to school. Then he throws a fit because he wants a different sippy cup or he wants to change the shoes he has on or my favorite, he wants to ride in the opposite car of whatever I’m driving that day. We’ve walked into the doors of the daycare for 2 days this week screaming. This is so uncharacteristic of him. I think this new change will be good for him as he will get to do different things and play on a different playground and keep busy.

Yesterday I had an atrocious headache and was extremely tired. Chip took care of Hill while I lay in the bed and rested. They went to run some errands and when they came back I heard the doorknob on the bedroom door trying to open Hill came running in my room because he had to tell me something. He climbed up in bed with me and said, “I’m sorry mommy. I love you.” He and his daddy had a talk and he came to apologize for his behavior. It was really really touching. So then this morning he did the same thing by apologizing to Mrs. Barbara and Ms. Devin and Ms. Cindy for his behavior the day before. We promised to have a better day and if he was a good boy he said he wanted candy, his batman sippy cup and his Lightening McQueen car. Those are simple things that can be arranged. I called up there to make sure he didn’t have everyone held at gun point or had gone postal and they said he was doing fine. So that’s good news.

Other good news is that I have a little better peace of mind after talking to my friend Shea who is pregnant and had the AFP testing done for both of her pregnancies. I’ve been really trying not to think about it and now knowing someone who has had it done before makes me feel better. Everyone I’ve told that I’m having this test done has asked me why…and I’d never had anyone tell me they’d had it done. So I got worried. Secretly worried. Yet so worried that I was scared to research it because I was afraid of what I’d find. You know how I feel like I wear the statistic scarlet letter and even though with this testing nothing will change I just have that nervous mama feeling.

Pictures of: whitney, tanner and hill Tubing, Marsha's brothers wedding, & Hill and his Lightening 'Bug-gah'

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