Wednesday, July 18, 2012

State Farm Haiku

When someone goes above and beyond for me I always want to express my gratitude to them. I haven't done an appreciative haiku in a while so I felt the need to shout out my love for my insurance agent and crew from the rooftop...or my blog.

Cheesy, maybe...but I don't write haikus for just anyone ya know and I know those sweet girls all read my blog so --- here it is, the longest haiku I've ever written because I can't say enough in my 5-7-5 about the girls that keep things straight for me. It's a hard job.

An Ode To My State Farm Girls (and Edwin)

Edwin's girls are great
They make my life happy
Way to go State Farm!

Amie knows my stuff
And makes sure it is covered
Even my napkins.

Should they catch on fire
Or there be a real bad leak
She will replace them.

I can rest well now
As I am taken care of
With my State Farm girls.

Thanks for putting up with me team!
I love them...I love them a lot and thinking about how much I love them may make some people, maybe even them, uncomfortable.

I can't even express to you during my wreck in January how awesome they were. It was by far the most professional and personal service I've ever experienced from anyone. Ever.

Not to mention I'm the BIGGEST tight wad (ha! Like you didn't know) and they continually save me money and don't charge extra for my being so needy or having a zillion silly questions or policy changes.

In my emails to Amie I sign them "I love you, RCH" I'm serious. I did it today. Can you say that to or about your insurance team?

Thanks for all you do. I feel like you should probably all be in the delivery room when I birth Reid.

Love you girls,

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