Monday, July 02, 2012

Big Days!!

Today is June 25th. Tomorrow will be June 26th. These are two biggie dates in my life this year!

Tonight will complete my tenure as the Kosciusko Rotary Clubs 86th President. I will turn the gavel over to the incoming President, Jean Jacobs. Jean will do a great job. I feel as though after tonight a weight will be lifted. I don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way even though this year has been really trying. It’s as if I’m emptying my plate of one more responsibility, which mentally I really need right now. I already feel more organization within my life. I even cleaned out my purse today…see baby steps. I’ll get back to the Rachel I know one day.

Tomorrow the 26th at 10:00 am we will find out if baby Hawkins will be a boy or a girl. I am thinking we will take Hill with us so he can continue to be a part of the whole process. Maybe he will better understand that there is a baby in my tummy for real if he sees pictures. I’m 32 and I still need to see that assurance that there is a baby in there, for real. I just worry about something being wrong and Hill being there and us not knowing what to do. Yet, if something is wrong then I think I would want my bugga boo there to assure me by his presence that everything will be ok. Also, Dr. North and Toni haven’t seen Hill, other than pictures on Facebook, since he was 6 weeks old. So I think it will be an all-around good idea for Hill to come along in the morning.

Of course I’m excited to find out the gender and I’m just as excited to find out cleft or no cleft and I’m just as excited to make sure that all is healthy and just simply see this nugget in general! It’s WAY overdue in my opinion.

I have no inclination to think this baby is a boy or a girl. The first trimester I would have said for sure a girl – I was so sick and everything was so different…until week 13 and the light switch turned off and I was fine…just like with Hill…except the be mean to Chip hormone stayed. So now I think that since all that was the same it may be a boy. I guess I have a 50 / 50 shot. Preference, well I am quite fond of my little boy. Even though he can be dramatic as I imagine a girl to be sometimes, I don’t have to brush his hair every day and he is certainly my snuggle bug. A 100% mama’s boy. Yet, the other day a friend brought me a Kelly’s Kids catalog to look through and those little girl outfits are quite precious if I do say so myself. I got a little excited to maybe have a girl. With Hill I wanted a boy and prayed for a boy and got a boy and am so happy with my baby boy. So truthfully and I don’t mean this cliché, just as long as the baby is healthy I am fine. I want a girl or a boy, but not necessarily both. Twins may set me over the edge. Even though I did want twins when I was pregnant with Hill. I figured it would be a one stop shop, two for one and I wouldn’t know the difference of the ease of one good baby vs. twins.

At supper club Friday night my friend Jason, who he and his wife Gena have a 12 week old, assured me that no matter what this baby is it cannot possibly be as good of a kid as Hill is. So sweet, so passive, so quiet. Other than the health of this child, that is my ultimate concern…I’ve said it before….please don’t let this baby be a turd.

After 3 hours on my online Facebook poll I have 16 voting girl and 11 voting boy and a few that are confused that they didn’t know I was having a baby.

Are you dying to know the name?

If it’s a boy he will be named

Reid Thomas Hawkins

and if it’s a girl she will be named

Reid Catherine Hawkins

So we will have a baby Reid no matter what.

The other name that I liked which would have been for a boy or a girl is Hyatt. So if God has a sick sense of humor and gives me twins then they will be Reid and Hyatt. Otherwise we will have baby Reid.

Hill wants a sister 97% of the time that is his answer. He also wants to name the baby Emory Hart after Emory Hart Pettit. He thinks that all babies should be named Emory Hart. When we asked him about the name Reid he looked at me and said, “Read? Ok, I go get a book.” And scurried his tiny hiney into his room and brought me back a book. Wonder how confusing this will be?

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