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Even though Hill had a bad week last week I feel like moving him to his new class helped him out a lot or maybe I’m just too naïve to admit that we are entering into the terrible 2’s? Last time we went through this we attributed it to moving to his big boy bed. Maybe this is where we are again, but he wants to sleep in his big boy bed and so we are back to letting him. He has gotten better though.
We (me) seem to be in constant search for a change of scenery. So Friday the 25th Hill and I went to Oxford while Chip and his buddies went to the coast. We had so much fun in Oxford! I got to eat at Proud Larry’s, which I have been craving their roast beef sandwich for eons now and the best part is that we got to hang out with our friends the Martin’s! Susan, Daniel and Sullivan are the best. Friday night we all went to Oxford’s Carnival. The kiddos had a great time and I learned that when we go to Disney we are going with the Martin’s because they ride ANY ride and Chip and I do not. The freaking carousel makes me nauseated. I’m not too sure that we have to worry with scary rides and Hill because he is seemingly not too fond of them either. Susan, Daniel & Sullivan took Hill on the teacup and he hated it just as much as I hated watching him on it. I don’t do heights so again, Susan, Daniel & Sullivan took Hill on the Ferris wheel…I’m not sure he liked it but I’m not sure that he didn’t hate it either. The boys rode the cars that go round and round and round and make an annoying bzzzz noise when you press their horn button. The kids liked it and I got some good pictures of them.

After the carnival Hill we went to the Martin’s and spent the night. I was exhausted! We woke up and the mama’s and the boys went to eat at Big Bad Breakfast. I’m sorry but that is always the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten…every time I go. I have no idea if they have magic breakfast maker people in the back but I want to make out with all of them because their eggs are always so creamy and fluffy and their bacon is special. Like from a magic fairy pigs behind. It’s sweet with sprinkles of pig fairy love. Do yourself a favor and eat there if you haven’t. After breakfast we went to the park. Hill and Sullivan played and played. It was hot so we decided to head back to the Martin’s to let the boys play in the pool. Susan, and her Martha Stuart self, had homemade popsicles made that were from real fruit juice and absolutely yum. Once the boys had their fill of the pool it was lunch time so I decided to load up the car and head home - - that way we could grab a bite to eat on the way out of town and Hill could nap while we traveled the hour and 45 minutes home.

As if we didn’t have enough fun, then on Sunday we went to the Warrington’s to slide on the monster water slide. It’s like having our own mini water park. The Pettit’s, Warrington’s and Hill and I had a great time and Hart brought food to grill out and the boys played and played and played. We were pooped!

Only for Monday, Memorial Day a holiday from work, and I wake up at 5am with stomach virus symptoms. I had zero clue what to do. I puked so hard that I knew I’d thrown up all my insides. I was pretty sure that my baby in utero was scared to death it was going to come out of my throat. I know I was scared for it. I was also scared because what on God’s green earth am I going to do when Hill wakes up? How can I tend to him alone while Chip is on the coast? I text him at 6am. We were both like ??? What in the world??? So I thought that maybe I could assess the situation better once Hill woke up, which was at 8:30. So at 8:30 I called Chip’s step mom. She later came and got him and I fell into a deep deep navo gel (phenergan) coma. I woke up and it was all like a bad bad dream had happened. I was well and Chip was home.

So Tuesday the 29th was my baby doctor appointment….and my AFP testing…and Hill’s first day of his new class at school. I was really really really excited and flipped out and worried about everything all at the same time.

The night before I tried to explain to Hill that his new teachers were Mrs. Trista, who he’d had before, and Mrs. Michelle who would be new to him. He looked at me and said, “I go see Dr. Shell?” I had to get him to understand that Dr. Shell isn’t going to be his teacher, a lady named Michelle would be his teacher. So innocent and precious! I let Mrs. Michelle know not to be confused if he called her Dr. Shell, that's his plastic surgeon and their names sound alike. So after successfully dropping Hill off at daycare and me not crying like I’ve done every time he moves up a class I was feeling good about myself, my day and what was to come.

I got to Dr. North’s office. They did all the blood work for the AFP test. I begged for a sonogram, but no avail. I was upset. I did get excited when he did the Doppler and the heart beat came through immediately. It was 142 bpm. Very good and totally in the middle. It will take 7 days to hear back about the AFP test…so I’ll wait impatiently and google all the possibilities and drive myself crazy.

When I picked Hill up Tuesday afternoon he’d had a great day and the teachers were so excited about their new class and how good they all are! They even said that Hill hadn’t had an accident in his pull up all day because they’d been working on potty training! They were confident enough to suggest wearing big boy undies the next day! Ahhh! OMG, big boy undies!?!? I drop him off for 8 hours at his new big boy class and he has already gotten his own apartment, a drivers’ license and is working on his doctorate degree. Seriously, I’m just getting over him making complete sentences, being self-sufficient, dressing himself in the morning, sleeping in his big boy bed, his imagination coming to fruition with hilarious dragons and playmates… you mean to tell me he is ready for big boy underwear?

So I played into this grown up Hill Hawkins deal and he went all day Wednesday in his big boy undies and then Thursday morning when I dropped him off I knew he had to tt so I took him to the potty in his classroom and my heart broke. He was like a little man. He went to the tiny stool to the tiny toilet, pulled down his tiny pants, tt’d, flushed, went to the tiny sink, turned on the tiny faucet, squirted the tiny soap into this tiny hand and scrubbed them tiny-ly together then rinsed them off got a tiny towel and threw it in the tiny trash can. I just stood there with big ol tears. He did it all by himself and only after 2 days of being in that class. My tiny baby is now self-sufficient. Killing me.

The rest of the week and weekend were filled with starting my new cake decorating class. It’s 4 sessions and I should be able to make your wedding cake by the end of it…maybe or maybe I’m setting my goals too high? Anyway it should be fun and something I’ve always wanted to do.

We went to the Landrum’s and picked blueberries. I’m pretty sure that we can start calling Hill, Blueberry Hill. He LOVES blueberries and eats them by the handful. I cannot complain because they are super healthy and he loves them and we have a blast picking them with the Landrum’s. It’s a lot lot lot more fun than picking the black berries across the street from our house. I have chigger bites in places that pregnant people do not need to have chigger bites…I don’t even eat black berries…the things we do for our children. We can’t keep enough berries around for Hill. If you are looking for gift ideas for Hill, just buy the kid some berries. He will be the happiest kid ever. It’s disturbing how much he loves them.

The bank is sponsoring the Colgate Country Showdown in Philadelphia (MS) so I volunteered to go be a judge. The Colgate Country Showdown or as Chip calls it the “Toothpaste American Idol” is now really called the Texaco Country Showdown and is where people like Leeann Rimes got her break. So I had to decide if I was going to be an American Idol judge like Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul or Randy Jackson (as I haven’t really watched since it’s Randy, J-Lo and Steven Tyler.) I’d decided I would be Simon since I couldn’t get tipsy and act spacey like Paula. Long story short….I didn’t have to judge after all. Which was fine by me because Whitney, Kayla and I went to eat at Philip M’s and that made this pregnant girl really really happy.

Sunday was my sweet friend Shea’s baby shower. She is having another precious little girl and I know Baylie is going to be the best big sister ever. She was so polite to thank everyone before and after every present was opened. Such good manners! Baylie is Hill’s age and is in his new class. She is sure to keep everyone in line at school. In the mornings she has pretend birthday cake ready for us to eat and when it’s time to go home she is always so helpful to make sure that Hill has all his things to take home. She is a hoot and as precious as precious can be and will be very very helpful to her mommy when baby Laney comes in July!

Monday the 4th Hill started his swim lessons. Sunday night I was explaining to him that we were going to the Potts house to swim and Mrs. Chris would be his teacher. So Monday morning before school I told him I’d be picking him up a little before lunch to go to swim lessons. He said, “Mama, I go swim in the pot?” I said, no baby, you will go swim at the Potts’ house! I just pictured his sweet innocent imagination thinking he was going swimming in a potty or flower pot or cooking pot. I’m sure he was confused but excited. Once we got to lessons he saw Harvey and made a new friend with his same last name, Hadley Hawkins. This still didn’t prevent him from not liking swimming lessons (all week.) Chris is precious and does such a fantastic job with these kiddos. Her patience exceeds anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. I shall strive to be more like her. Maybe he will like it better next year. We will keep practicing.

Pictures….why blogger app doesn't let me put them in an organized fashion I have no idea. Below you will find pictures of Oxford with Sullivan, pictures of Hill's first day at his new class (with Mrs. Trista), four wheeling with Garrison, swimming lessons and thumbs up tubing!

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