Monday, July 02, 2012

Beauty of Living in a Small Town

Wednesday, June 6th - So at 9:47 am I’m sitting in my office and I look at my clock and abruptly yelled “CRAP!” Hill has swimming lessons at 10:00! I grab my keys and run out of the office, to the parking lot jump in the car and arrive at Hill’s daycare at 9:49 am. Run inside to his classroom and he’s not there. Dang! I have to go search for him on the playground! Grab him and huff my way back to the car and are buckled into the car seat at 9:54 am. The playground search snagged my time a little. At 9:56 am we arrive to swim lessons and according to the teachers clock we are 5 minutes early! So I put Hill’s swim suit on and get him ready for class then leave him there. Through all the hustle and bustle I realize I am about to pee my pants so I run to my in laws house to tt and walk out of the bathroom and look at my clock when I get back in the car - - it’s 10:05 am. I AM THE ULTIMATE!!!! I have accomplished more in 18 minutes than some do in a day! Pin a rose on my freaking nose!

Here are a few pictures of the swimming lessons! Chip, JJ and I went to observe Friday and caught a few sweet pics. Although Hill didn't enjoy himself Chris is a true blessing and I want to keep her in my pocket. If I could bottle up one ounce of her patience the world would be a better place.

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