Monday, July 16, 2012

Nesting, Napkins and Potty Training

It is official; the “nesting bug” has hit the Hawkins household. It was sickly evident this past week when I made my kitchen cabinets spic n’ span and organized. I read this article on cabinet cleaning, yes – yes I really did, and it said to pretend that all your cabinets have glass fronts and everyone that walks in your kitchen can see into them. For some reason that really worked for my mental psyche. Anyway, I boxed up unused kitchen items to put in the attic for when we do get a bay house. I will seriously furnish another kitchen with all the things I de-cluttered in my shelves. So that really isn’t all that funny other than the purple penis shaped cup with straw that I found in the back of the cabinet compliments of my bachelorette party 6 years ago. I will say that would certainly catch an eye if I did have glass front cabinets.

Anywho…what was so funny to me was that Chip has been bitten by the nesting bug. He went full force into the worst demonic room at our house. The storage room in the garage. I think he must have been possessed or maybe the opposite and feeling really religious because it’s a doosie. After he threw a whole huge garbage can of stuff away and organized the shelves and cleared the floor he came into the house and said…”I am no longer allowed to by spray paint and you are no longer allowed to buy fertilizer and weed killer….and he looked around the kitchen and said….or cocktail napkins.”

Ugh, knife through the heart! I can get over the fertilizer and weed killer I bought it for $1 at Wal-Mart when winter hit and it was “such a good deal” I had to buy it and let it sit on my shelves for 2 years. The cocktail napkins though, that’s an addiction I have, a secretly not talked about addiction that has its’ very own cabinet in my house. I won’t admit I have a problem because I love them, cocktail napkins, they are there when you need them and can liven the spirit of the party up by their whimsical colors, their serious or classy designs or even with the hilarious little sayings and pictures they have on them that make me feel like I’m funny or sane. I’d always thought my hoarding of them was something I could blame on my sorority because my mom has a friend with a cocktail napkin fetish, she was a ZTA too. See, I find excuses for my problem. I blame it on other people. I hide it in a closet.

One time Chip told me that I had to stop buying cocktail napkins and that was when they took up only a drawer, not a cabinet. My defensive rebuttal was, “oh yea, well you have to stop buying mustard.” And he did. He admitted that he had a fear of running out of mustard, but he looked at our pantry and noticed that we had enough for the end of time…and he stopped. I on the other hand, did not. So, what did I do with the overload of napkins? I put a bunch of the fun bright colored margarita ones and silly sayings into a gallon Ziploc (or three) and boxed them up for the bay house. What a fun surprise in 4-5 years when I open the box and there are my sweet happy napkins to open the door to drinks o’ plenty.

The party type napkins only take up 2 shelves in a cabinet now, so…if you need napkins just call me, please. I will feel obligated to give them to you and really need to give them to you and let them enjoy life to the fullest. Ok, so I really really digressed from talking about my nesting. I think I need to move on to more exciting things…like….

Hill has put his foot down that he is not a baby, he’s not even a big boy, but he is a man – not a little man but a BIG man. I have told him that he cannot be a man until he tt’s and poo poo’s in the potty. Chip says he can’t be a man until he tt’s and poo poo’s in the potty and learns to shave. Anyway, I’ve got to say that my BIG man (who doesn’t shave) was accident free the entire weekend! After a discussion with my friend Jennifer L about her potty training debacle with her son I took a few notes and implemented the sticker chart. I wrote the numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper and told Hill that once he got to 10 stickers from tt’ing and poo pooing in the potty he could have donuts. Something he asks for at least 3-4 times a week. Until then no donuts. He caught on after we got to number 4 on the chart and we’d be so excited for him and flip out at how he’s becoming a man. It also helped him when we’d show my iPhone and Angry Birds how we tt in the potty - - Angry Birds even entertained him a bit while he “sat” on the potty. (Hill you can thank me later for disclosing that when you get older.) By Friday night (we’d started Wednesday night & he is at school from 8-5 during the day) he was able to go get donuts Saturday morning! We started another 1-10 chart and he got to 10 fast because I gave him an extra sticker if he told me he had to tt then went and tt’d or poo poo’d. By the time we got to 10 he was totally not into his stickers anymore and just wanted to potty. I kept on with the chart though just to keep showing him his progress.

You see Hill and I have this open line of communication. I usually play with him 24-7 when we are at home but sometimes I have to do laundry or wash dishes or need to rest my feet in the living room so if he’s playing in his room and I don’t hear him for a minute I’ll call out “Buddy, you ok?” In his tiny voice he always replies “Yes!” So I continually do this…it cracks Chip and I up, but it works, yet if he doesn’t answer then I stop what I’m doing and go check on him. So Sunday afternoon Chip and I were in the living room and Hill went to his room to play and I called out, “Buddy, you ok?” No answer, again “Buddy, you ok?” I told Chip, he doesn’t have on a diaper, he’s probably playing with his trucks and pooping solo – so just as Chip jumped up to go check on him we heard the toilet flush. Chip walked in on him standing on his stool pulling up his underwear. He had taken the initiative to go and take care of business all by himself. Didn’t tell a soul just like a BIG man and did it alone. I cried. Actually, I’m teary eyed typing this. That was like the biggest of all mamma jammas that my little boy is a “man.” This hormonal mama cannot handle that emotion just yet. I mean it was a fluke that the bathroom door was open because I have child proof knob covers on all the bathroom doors for fear that he will fall into the toilet or a randomly filled bathtub outside of bath time and drown. They say kids can drown in 2 inches of water in a mop bucket. Now here he is freaking going potty alone and he’d have washed his hands but he can’t reach the faucet knobs even standing on his stool. He’s 2 ½ not 21. I’m an over reactive yet proud mother…this is why I cry for I know not what to do. This is what I wanted…one out of diapers before one in diapers. Then to top it all off, at nap time I forgot to put Hill into a pull up and he stayed dry the entire time. Then this morning, Monday, when I got him out of bed for school his diaper was dry as a bone. So we went and tt’d and he tt’d like a man…a man who held it all night long. I’m not going to say he’s potty trained yet. I still need the tt/poo poo Gods to shine down on us until we are more comfy with it, so in the mean time send happy juju thoughts to tt / poo poo in the potty our way. I’ll keep you posted.

This weekend we only left the house to go to the redbox to rent movies…and to buy chocolate covered almonds from CVS. Reid absolutely freaking loves chocolate covered almonds, she literally flips out like worse than Hill when he was a master uterine Kung Fu Fighter. I have to say that she may not have the opportunity to look like me but she certainly appreciates the finer things in life like I do. I love her already - she will one day appreciate the love of shoes and purses too…because they always fit. Then one day when she gets teeth, I will introduce her to malt balls…not just any junk malt ball like Whoppers or something mass produced where you get a funky hard one every now and then, but good yum crisp on the inside and milk chocolatey on the outside malt ball. Mama Lou knows what I’m talking about.

We rented The Descendants, The Muppets, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Descendants was really good, I’d recommend it. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was very different but had a good plot. I will let you decide if you want to watch it. Then Chip really wants Hill to like the Muppets. We’d tried before when Muppets Take Manhattan came on TV a couple months ago, but Hill wasn’t into it. Chip was so sad. He was hoping it would be all the rage and replace Mickey Mouse because Chip HATES Mickey and Goofy’s voices and Hill LOVES all things Mickey. I think Chip may have thought they could form a closer bond over some Muppets since Hill is too young to drink Scotch. I don’t know, but Hill does not dig the Muppets…yet. Personally, I thought The Muppets movie put out recently by Disney was really good. I didn’t get to finish it but it was hilarious and entertaining (with old 80’s flashbacks) for parents and then the Muppets (if your kid is into puppets) for the kiddos. So that is my Siskel & Ebert review for the weekend. A lot of entertainment for under $4.00 because redbox is like $1.20 a movie for 24 hours. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Even though I am nesting, my house looks like a tornado hit it. It’s really only the living room though. Hill has his tent set up with trucks and sippy cups and donuts and books strung throughout. Then Chip decided to fix our over-priced, made in China, crappy construction-ed leather Ashley couch frame so that required a floor jack, wood, nails, a vacuum cleaner, hammers, a crowbar and tape measure…which when you have a 2 year old means he too needs his hammer, screwdriver, saw, nails, toolbox and dinosaur to help.

When I woke up this morning for work…I just stepped over it all like it had become one with the house. Happy Monday folks!

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