Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oxford Supper Club

Last weekend we went to Oxford. You know, God’s country. Where the Grove trees wrap you in hugs like a long lost friend and the historical buildings on campus greet you in their gentleman like way. Where the Square is the best Southern hostess a visitor could ever ask for. Oxford speaks. Sounds silly to those of you that don’t know how moving of a town it really is. Definitely an impressionable place, which is why we continually yearn to go back.

Hart’s parents have a house in Oxford and we try to make an annual friends trip during the summer for a little get away. This month was the Hawkins turn to do supper club so we figured since it’s all the people in our supper club going anyway, we’d do it there! So, the Pettit’s, the Pope’s, the Warrington’s and the Hawkins’ with all 5 kids in tow (plus 2 in utero) had a fabulous weekend. Whitney and I and our kiddos went early.

Friday afternoon the preciousness started - I got a call from someone super precious from Lulu’s saying that I had a gift waiting for me. A Gift? For Me? No one ever buys me happies. What could this be? I had to go to Lulu’s anyway because they posted a picture of this must.have.precious.purse on Facebook and so my sweet precious friend Corinne that owns Lulu’s with her adorably precious sister, Lindsey held it back for me. I ran up to Lulu’s to see what my gift was and guess what! It was my precious purse! It was from my precious mother. You see when you have precious merchandise - in precious peoples store – and it’s purchased by precious people - that preciously stalk you on facebook …it just becomes a big happy happy ball of preciousness. Thanks mom for being so thoughtful, you are the best facebook stalker ever.

While in there I got the cutest flats and some Emi jay hair bands and the latest and greatest Lulu’s tshirt to lounge in post pregnancy. I’ll start washing it now as it’s the snuggle kind that only gets better as you wash it. Hopefully Hill will still be “nuggling” with me by then.

Friday night we ate at Snack Bar which has fantastic lobster mac and cheese that Chip and I both ordered because we don’t share. Then afterwards we went back to the house and hung out.

Saturday Whitney cooked breakfast and we all were lazy lounging people until lunch when we all went our separate ways. That’s what I love about all of our friendships is that we don’t feel obligated to do what everyone else is doing. Chip and Hill went to Pizza Den, I went to South Depot, The Warrington’s and the Pope’s went to Ajax and the Pettit’s went to Irie. Then oddly enough we all ended up back at the house soon afterwards. It was so hot and draining that after hitting up a few shops we were zapped. Whitney got to shop around and we have a new project we are going to start on. I’m super hyped about it. I will divulge later, it’s going to be awesome. All I will say is that it involves Colonel Reb.

The only thing I bought was a watch for Hill. He's been such a big boy with potty training so it was his prize. We are going to work on learning time and he feels really cool wearing his motor-sike (motorcycle) watch…I let him pick it out.

Chip and I cooked dinner Saturday night. I have to admit. I went to Kroger…alone…for like an hour on Friday and it was the most awesome hour I’ve had in maybe ever. Why is this amazing, it’s a grocery store? If you live in the land of Koz you know we lack in the caliber of foods sold locally, it’s catering mainly to the EBT folks and jacking the price up because they aren’t paying for it anyway. (sorry did I say all of that out loud?) If you know me, I love foods even if it’s just looking at it. If you have a 2 year old you may not think you need a tiny get away, but you do. I think I went around the cheese area 46 times just staring at it in amazement of all the fabulous stinky cheese. Finally the cheese lady came and asked me if I needed help. I guess I was looking suspicious. She recommended an aged parmesan and peppercorn dip with my pretzel chips. That cheese lady new her stuff. It was good. I went up and down all the aisles just looking around at the bright shiny produce and having the option of organic foods just made me feel fancy. I’m sad and pathetic and please feel free to feel sorry for me. I don’t know what all I put in my shopping cart but it all just felt right. I bought the stuff to make a lemon custard like dessert…and by damned I made it with freaking organic lemons – because I could. Did anyone know the difference? Probably not, but I had the option and I took it! My friends and children are a tad less infected with pesticides since I chose that route. You all can thank me later. I had the opportunity to choose freshly cut meats – and dare I say purchase a filet made of beef? Gasp, all my friends outside of Attala county. They. Don’t. Sell. Filets. In. Kosciusko. I know, aged parmesan, organic lemons and filet minion. I was in food heaven. I may have cried when I left... Maybe.

Chip cooked New Orleans BBQ shrimp with angel hair pasta and I made asparagus in balsamic vinaigrette, a salad, bread, and a lemon dessert. It was pretty good. I even had a glass of red wine with it. I’m pretty sure that my number one craving this pregnancy is red wine. Unfortunately I cannot indulge into this craving but I think about red wine all the time. I need to start attending AA meetings because it can be like 10 in the morning and I think about red wine. A full bodied strong dry red wine is what I long for. With Hill it was fountain cokes, with Reid its red wine. It’s a good thing that Sonic doesn’t sell red wine in Route 44 cups or poor Reid would suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. But hey…just think about it….what if Sonic did sell red wine in Route 44 cups…how amazing would that be?

People ask me all the time when deciding where to go for lunch, what does the pregnant mama want for lunch? Hoping I’d made the decision. Well what I really want to say is red wine…but I don’t. Honestly I have no food cravings. It’s like if you talk about it then that’s what I want but I can’t decide on my own, which is why Hill chooses what’s for dinner 97% of the time. We’ve eaten so many hot dogs finally last week when I asked Hill what he wanted for dinner he said, “No hotdogs.”

Anyway, supper club was great. The whole weekend was great. The boys played and played and played. Everyone is still working on their sharing skills which proved to be trying for us mamas with the constant “I want that truck” drama. I guess it is God’s way of preparing us all for our little girls entering the scenario and growing up. Funny that all of us have had boys first then girls.

Hill is a total monkey see, monkey do so whatever Tanner was doing…Hill was a copy cat. It’s so funny watching kids conform to one another. Hill, Harvey and Tanner are precious and have such good manners with their please and thank you’s and yes ma’ams. We are all lucky lucky mama’s.

Hill put up quite a fight both Friday and Saturday night when it was time to go to bed. He didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Saturday he was so pooped that I held his crying tired little self in my arms and just rocked him to sleep. He was out in like 67 seconds. As he fought his sleep I sat there rocking him and thinking about how insanely fast he has grown up and I couldn’t remember the last time he let me rock him to sleep. I thought about how all night he played and played and played and went up the stairs and down the stairs 600,000 times and never once needed me for anything. I was a little heartbroken. Does this mean I have to release him from his bubble? Mr. Independent has also become Mr. Self-sufficient in all he does. The kid even takes it upon himself to tt when he has to go (we are totally tt potty trained and still working on #2.)

This weekend was a real eye opener for me. I’m really glad that he will have Reid to grow up with. He so enjoys interaction with others and after seeing him with Emory Hart I know he’s going to be a good big brother. Makes me have happy tears.

I didn't get but 1 picture all weekend. I'm hoping that I can steal some off Whitney and Gena's blogs soon.

Here is Mr. Hart reading Hill and Tanner a book.

(And I had to post a picture of my precious purse so you can be jealous.)

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