Monday, June 25, 2012

Mothers Day and Random Jib Jab

So Mother’s Day has come and gone. It fell on Sunday, May 13th this year. I woke up to Hill’s monitor repeating, “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy.” So I went and got my little bugga boo out of his crib to snuggle. Chip woke up and said, “Sorry, we didn’t get you anything…not even a card.” It didn’t matter to me. I don’t get my feelings hurt that easy and honestly I don’t know of anything I need or want anyway so I’m over it. That’s the beauty of mine and Chip’s relationship. You know how some people are givers…well we are more financial hoarders when it comes to expenses, even the tiny ones. I guess it’s good if we are both that way, but if one of us wasn’t then it may be a problem.

It was funny when people asked me what I’d gotten for Mother’s Day and I’d say, “nothing…was I supposed to get something?” The looks on their faces was priceless. Chip did cook me a brisket, that’s my favorite so I guess I did get something; plus the day before JJ and I went to Starkville to Dirt Cheap and the movies. That was a nice little get away and I’ll take that as a Mother’s Day gift.

I don’t think I’ve written this yet, but JJ is having a little girl! We are all wondering what we will do with little girls since we are so use to our little boys! I don’t find out until next month though but Chip seems to think it’s a girl and Hill says he wants a sister. I know that we’ll love a girl no doubt, but we’ll have to learn to be frilly and actually brush our children’s hair. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Personally I’ve had dreams that it’s a boy but I have no inclination either way.

This week was the busiest week that I’ve had in a long time. Work wise and personal wise. The great news is that I’m at Week 13 which is the end of the 1st Trimester hump….and it is quite evident in the way I’m feeling. I’m not as vomity which is fantastic because these past couple of months have been hellacious.

After my Rotary meeting Monday I was able to put another notch in my calendar. Only 4 more regular meetings as El Presidente until the Rotary Ann Banquet when I hand over the gavel….but who’s counting? I was happy to meet with the incoming President to give her my binder filled with information so that she doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel (ha, no pun intended…get it…the Rotary wheel) Whatever, hanging around those old men must have changed my corny sense of humor.

Tuesday night I had a Junior Auxiliary Projects meeting. This is my last year in JA. Hard to believe that this will wrap up 6 years of membership at the end of April, this will be my 6th Charity Ball! To me not being in JA after this year will be bitter sweet. I am so in love with what JA does for our community and its’ children and its people that I still hope to be somewhat involved even though I won’t be an active member. I will miss seeing all my girls often, but the friendships I’ve made in JA have really really helped me make Kosciusko my home. Even though JA gives so much to this area it has in turn taught me so much as a person, friend and citizen of this great community. Ugh, so fabulous there are no words.

Wednesday, was Hill’s end of year party at school. He will stay in the same class until August but some of his little friends will be out for the summer and one of his teachers, Ms. Shonda, is taking the summer off. We’ve had a great year with super great teachers, Ms. Shonda & Ms. Devin have been fabulous! Hill has blossomed so much and even thought I hate to admit this out loud, the other day Hill broke my heart. I asked him if he wanted to stay home with Mommy or if he wanted to go to school every day. He was a little too quick to tell me that he wants to go to school to be with his friends. Since I was certain that he didn’t understand the question I asked him again later that day…again, he didn’t skip a beat, he wanted his friends.

I have a great job, with a great company and a great boss and love what I do, Hill is right. I need to keep on keeping on. As much as I’d love to plan craft time at home once we wake up from afternoon nap or arrange play dates with other moms…Hill wants to have craft time with his friends at school instead and play with them all day – Not me. I’m over it he’s already grown up and moved out and is on his own, Mr. Independent. I’m getting empty nest already and he’s only 2.

Thursday, May 17th was a really busy and great day. That morning my fellow Rotarian, Hollee, and I went out to Attala Corporate Childcare to do post testing on the class that our Rotary club adopted. As President you get to have fundraisers and/or pick a project and I chose Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Between the Lions to help locally promote literacy. I was able to apply and receive grant funds to make this project happen. This project and these kiddos became my baby this past year. The curriculum targets 4-5 year olds and the director out at Attala Corporate was so kind and willing to take on the newness and challenge and implement this fantastic program into her facility. The curriculum is fascinating and so educational and makes learning fun. There are books associated with the different lessons and each week a Rotarian goes out and reads to the kiddos. We LOVED doing this as much as the kids LOVED having books read to them. We received no less than 45,589,236 hugs during the past year and it was so rewarding. THE BEST PART…when Hollee and I tallied the post test results 11 out of 12 children increased their scores (some drastically) in just the past 6 months. I’m pretty sure I cried happy tears a) because I’m hormonal and b) because I’m so glad to visibly see this project making a difference in these precious kid’s lives. Reading is so important and children need to start early! Please know that none of this could have happened without the wonderful director and teacher at Attala Corporate. Mrs. Banks is to be commended. I am so proud! This project will continue for 2 more years and I am just so freaking excited about it!

So as if that wasn’t great enough news, the icing on the cake was that it was the third Thursday of the month…do you know what that means? It means it’s my 3rd favorite day of the month…BOOK CLUB NIGHT! My first favorite day of the month is always payday, my second favorite day of the month is when my Southern Living Magazine arrives in the mail and then Book Club night is my third favorite day of the month. Just so you know my priorities. I’d picked the book the previous month. It was recommended by my BFF Meredith. It was called Zeitoun by Dave Eggers and I really enjoyed it. You never know what everyone likes to read because we all have such different tastes, but I think the people that read it enjoyed it. I’m a non-fiction lover and some of the ladies like a good fiction book. Overall I was pleased with the outcome because for some reason picking the book stresses me out.

I love the ladies in my book club. They are ladies that I never get to see but love to hang out with. I really look forward to the time we get to spend together every third Thursday.

Blogger on my phone won't let me post pictures throughout my post so here they all are blobbed together in no real order at the end.... but they seem pretty self explanatory.

A few pictures of Hill's end of school year party.

When JJ and i went to Starkville there was a lady that looks like my mom in Walgreens. Flipped me out a little how identical they are

For your viewing pleasure a picture of my funky leg rash.

Some days in Mississippi we ride cows to school.

Our local relay was in May and here is a picture of the beautiful luminaries.

Then there is the Oh So Gross snake that Chip killed in our front yard.

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