Tuesday, June 12, 2012

April Continued

Once we got home from Texas that Tuesday the 10th I was able to tell Whitney and JJ the news and they were both excited. They sort of thought maybe I was pregnant but couldn’t put their thumb on it to clarify. Then since all our secret people knew first we could go ahead and tell people. News spreads like wildfire in the Land of Koz. It’s always so awkward to me to be like…so, we’re having a baby. It’s the same kind of factual awkward as the other day when someone said, “Hill is just the most precious little boy!” And I said, “I know, isn’t he!” I even said I was sorry for being conceited about it, but I felt it true too. No need to lie!

We had a calm week until that Wednesday when my husband decided my car was too costly. I guess we were both tired of spending $600 cumulatively in gas each month as gas is nearing $4.00 and I drive a tank. Our car costs were about as much as our mortgage and that’s just silly. Not sure if Chip was having a mid life crisis or some type of meltdown but it became do or die. We looked at a used Cherokee, which Chip’s ulterior motive was future hunting vehicle for him. All of a sudden my 4x4 Platinum Sequoia that has everything but a snow plow on it wasn’t going to cut it. Chip still wanted a 4x4, still wanted all the bells and whistles and the Cherokee had that, but it smelled so weird I couldn’t drive it. I didn’t get a car because my super pregnancy spidey sense said it had a funny smell. I decided I wanted a minivan but I couldn’t sell Chip on it even though it would tow his fishing boat. He said he would lose his “cool points” if he drove a minivan. I didn’t even know Chip still had cool points. Whoever out there keeps track of Chip’s cool points please get up….cricket…chirp….chirp…cricket. Yup, that’s what I thought – no one gives a crap!

Ever since I drove that Jeep I’ve been nauseated sick. This whole pregnancy I’ve been sick, but that next morning, Friday, Hill came in as I was unsuccessfully trying to throw up and said, here mommy, here’s a napkin and handed me a wipe. Sweet little noggin. I hate he’s subjected to my vomit.

Saturday April 14th was my friend Hollee’s wedding. She was absolutely without a doubt the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Everything about her and her special day was breathtakingly beautiful. The reception was at her parents’ house and there was a great band and wonderful food and a plethora of beverages that I could not partake in…which was really a good good thing because I may have made a fool of myself had I had the opportunity to indulge. The band was great and I danced and danced and danced and was told that I’m the best pregnant person ever. Sorry pregnant friends, but I am the most fun pregnant person I know! At least I was that night. I lasted all night and I drank Margarita Mix until I popped. I went home with the worst indigestion ever but it was certainly a fun night.
To wrap up the weekend we took Hill's boat out to the Country Club for a spin. He kept saying "This is MY boat." Just in case someone didn't see his name written on the back of it?!?! Bless his heart...

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