Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'll Take The Blame

Back in January I spoke about my thoughts on the Presidential Bathroom and how I like to use that facility at the office, etc etc.  Well, I've done it.  I broke the bathroom.  I swear all I did was tt but you would think after all the construction that has taken place that I'd stuffed a rhinoceros in the pipes. 

Here's how it went down.  I tt'd. I walk out of the potty to my boss who has just come back in from lunch.  I tell him I flushed and it wants to over flow.  My boss is great, I can talk about toilet over flow with him.  I plunged, he plunged.  No luck.  I broke it.  Then by the next day it was fixed.  Or so I thought until I saw plumbers coming in carrying roto-rooter wire on top of their heads.  (Yes, my thoughts exactly....they know where that wire has been - why do they carry it on top of their heads? Yuck!)

I asked my boss man what's going on? I thought it was fixed?  He informed me that my bubonic pee must have caused some pipe damage (It couldn't quite possibly be that the pipes are older than the beginning of time.)  Mmmm Hmmmm....I see where this is going.  I'm the fall guy.  It's now like a running joke around here that I broke the bathroom.  Especially once the plumbers had to call for back up.  They needed cameras to see what the problem was.  So, this has been an ordeal, plumbers, plumbers with cameras then it got crazier and they busted up concrete in our parking lot trying to find the problem in the pipes - which disrupts drive thru business.  They even put out orange barricades.  Everyone knows that orange barricades and orange cones mean business....serious business. All because I tt'd in the Presidents potty. 

Way to go, Rachel. 

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