Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Someone has a case of the Mondays....

I guess when you go on vacation and come back to reality it kind of makes you want to go jump off a cliff.  The other day I was walking out of the back of the bank to take lunch and a car was pulling out of the drive thru...almost hit me.  Sadly enough, I was ok with that.  I literally thought to myself...please hit me, but don't hurt me...just injure me enough to rest for a bit.  How morbidly hilarious is that? 

We've had a busy week since we are getting back into the swing of things. Hill started  his new class at daycare on Monday.  They operate on a school fiscal year so he moved up to Ms. Shonda and Miss. Centuria's class.  Himz a big boy.  I didn't cry. I haven't totally freaked out yet.  Maybe this is going to get easier?

I remember this day like it was yesterday...June 1, 2010
First Day of Daycare
I felt like I birthed him then handed him over to the daycare
I cried for weeks.
 Then there was this time, August 10, 2010...
A mere 3 months later he moved to a different class.
I only cried for like 6 1/2 days.
 Then there is this day, August 1, 2011... A whole year later.
Sweet big boy
I didn't cry at all.
Worry, yes.  Cry, no.
Chip took him to his first day of school and said that Hill clinged onto his leg for a bit then finally warmed up and went to play with his friends.  He didn't cry...Chip nor Hill.  I went to pick him up early that afternoon for swim lessons and they said he had a good day.  He was eating a snack so I think he was content...if he's my son then he knows food is happy time.

I didn't take Hill to school, which is the normal routine, because I had to head to the doctor.  My left wrist was killing me.  It started a few days before and then Sunday it was bruised and swollen.  I couldn't move it, didn't remember hitting it, hurting it, getting in a fight or covering my face as a defense wound.  I couldn't even bathe Hill Sunday it hurt so bad.  Poor kid probably still has shampoo in his hair.  Sunday, Chip took me to CVS to get some Icy Hot, but the pharmacist recommended something different.  He asked, "What did you do to your wrist??"  Seeing the bruising and swelling.   I felt like a timid Arabic woman not wanting to remove her face cover or some secretly abused wife because I answered, "I have no idea."  The pharmacist was on the phone with domestic violence FBI people when I left.  Ok, just kidding, but I was kind of embarrassed.  My new story is that I had to hit Chip to keep him in line.

Long story short, doctor thinks I had a ganglion cyst that ruptured in my wrist.  I am wearing a carpel tunnel brace and it makes it feel nice.  When I take it off Hill picks it up to hand it back to me and says "arm, arm."  Like I took off my arm and need to put it back on.  I'm on anti-informatory and the good news is that they don't feel that they will need to amputate.
 Life goes on...

As on all Monday's we went to Jackson to swim lessons, but this time we stopped by to see Harvey's cousins, the Johnson Girls.  They are so stinkin' cute. 

Emma Grace is fixing Aunt JJ's hair,
Ellie Kate has the balloon and
Emerson is on the choo choo.

All done Aunt JJ!
LOVE the beautiful hot pink bow.  So fashionable.
 Then it was Hill's turn....
All mankind loves Hill's hair.
Emma Grace was no exception.
(those are not real scissors, JJ checked before her hair was to be chopped)

Chop, chop, chop your lovely locks.
We had a busy Monday and that wasn't even including work stuff.  You know the 6,458,532,187 emails in your inbox and 24,000 voice mails.  Love it like I love sitting on the black asphalt on a 104 degree day. 

Yay for Monday being over.  I'll give you the scoop on Tuesday soon.  It was eventful, well sorta.


Jan Johnson said...

Oh, Rachel. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Glad y'all could get a glimpse into our girl world! :) Hilarious! And I'm so sorry about the Monday blues and Hill growing up. Babies growing up is no fun and yet very fun at the same time!

Jan Johnson said...

Oh yeah, I meant to tell you too. Emma Grace had her swimsuit and cover up on all day long. No reason at all, haven't been to the pool in weeks. Just her decision that day! :)

JJ and Allen said...

This was a fun afternoon! We are going to have to come back when it's a little cooler and have more time. They will love the backyard and trampoline :) They all played so well together!