Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fun Was Had By All...

We had a blast on our vacation!  Hill is just like his mama and daddy when it comes to the beach...we all hate the sand and would prefer to be in the boat.  We stayed at Phoenix on the Bay II and had the most awesome condo.  I am picture poor right now because my camera has gone to be with the camera Gods and my step mom has not emailed me her pictures.  Here are a couple I took with my phone.

View from balcony to the right

View from balcony to the left

Hannah, Papi & Hill snuggling on the couch

Hannah & Hill
 As you can tell from the balcony pictures the weather was a little overcast.  It rained every day but always cleared up for us to float around the lazy river, play in the baby pool and even go down the BIG slide!  Hill and I went down the slide together a bazillion times.  Then my dad went to take him down it and the security guard said only one person at a time and you have to be at least 48 inches tall to slide.  Well at least we got our fun in, but Hill was upset he couldn't "Side" anymore.

Every morning Chip and my dad would wake up and go fishing.  They caught a few, but nothing to write home about.
El Capi-tan

The condo even had a great fish cleaning station.
Chip and I were able to go out on the boat just the two of us a couple of times.  Thanks Mimi and Papi!  I love nothing more than flying over the water with salt water and beer splashing in my face.  I'm being serious.  It's the best.  I will say I forgot my sports bra.  Don't forget the sports bra when you are on choppy waters.  You can thank me later.  Chip had this little radio and I'd sit on the front of the boat as he drove and sing my guts out.  He couldn't hear me singing...his loss, I'm sure.

We really didn't leave the compound condo that much.  There was no need to.  We had everything we needed, food, water, toilet, bed, lazy river and boat all in one spot.  We hit up the grocery store and did go to Shipp's Harbour Grill.  Do yourself a favor and eat there if you are ever in Orange Beach, AL.  It's the best food and pocket book friendly.

Hill had so much fun playing with Mimi, Papi and Hannah.  One day Mimi took Hannah to The Wharf and Hannah made Hill a build a bear dog.  It is precious and his name is Snuggles.  Sweet sweet Hannah, she's the best.  Hannah is 10 and had a great time lugging Hill around.  She carried him everywhere and he liked it.

The travel wasn't that bad.  It took us about 5-6 hours.  Probably would have been 5 but you know how GPS systems are...they take you the most random ghetto routes sometimes.  At one point we were driving and Chip was on the phone with a customer who was in a panic about the stock market and didn't know what to do since the government was being so indecisive about the budget.  Should he pull out all of his money?  As Chip was calming him down Hill was in the back seat yelling at the top of his lungs (and grunting)..."POO-POO!  POO-POO!"  It took everything I had not to throw myself out of the car from laughter.  Ahh, the beauties of parenthood.

The trip home wasn't bad.  Chip was tired, as was I, so it was nice to get home on a Friday and still have the weekend to wrap up my vacation time.  I cleaned my closet out on Saturday, that doesn't sound like fun does it?  But when you are OCD like me it's nice.  I took 3 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes to our local Helping Hands.  It's been 3 days and I haven't missed any clothes I'd decided to rid of.  I'm sure I will wish I still had something one day, but I'm over it.

Saturday we went to the Warrington's to play on the water slide.  JJ's friend from pharmacy school Amanda was in town with her precious doll of a son, Bishop.  They are a lot of fun and I'm glad to be able to hang out with them when they come to town.  I'm waiting for her to post her awesome pictures from the day so I can steal them.  

So anyway, Hill is a slide-a-holic and does it all by himself.  Well I have to boost him up to the top, and only 2.5 seconds later he's already at the bottom either having gone down feet first on his belly or on his hiney, ready to go again!  Which by the way, hiney is one of Hill's favorite words.  This guy knows almost every word in the English dictionary.  Ok, so I'm elaborating, but he's a smart cookie.  He talks and understands with the best of them.  I'm a proud mama.  His latest obsession, other than his shoes (yes he's still obsessed with his shoes) are trucks.  He will only wear his bib that Mrs. Cindy made him with the dump truck on it when he eats.  He is into saying "Mama's truck" when we go to the car. He carries his truck around the house and either makes it say "vroom vroom" or "choo choo."  I've digressed, but that's ok because I know you expect nothing less from me.

At the Warrington's we ate steaks and decided to bottle up the smell of steaks cooking on the grill and sell it.  Yum.  I'd wear it every day Ode de Steak.  We made a late night out of it and it was fun, I can't believe I was a trooper until 1am.  I am usually the old "mo-mo" that goes to bed while the party is still happening.  I can sleep on the floor, I'm not picky when I'm tired.

Sunday we didn't do much but lay around.  Oh wait...I did do one more thing.  Saturday I got all crazy Brittany Spears on all my dogs and shaved their hair off.  After being gone 4 days and having left a clean house with clean floors and coming back to the wild wild west of dog hair tumble weeds I'd had enough.  I'm not sure why it took me 9 years to decide to shave Foster and Foxy Mama.  F.M. looks GREAT shaved.  I think she likes it too.

See her tail is going 9,000 mph.
Herz Happy.

Bye bye Foxy Mama (aka Anna) hair.
Glad you aren't on my living room floor!
Yes, Hill still calls her Anna..Chip does too.
 I didn't do a good job on Foster - hence no picture.  I only shaved like half of him and my arm was tired.  I left that boulder of a dog for the professionals.  I did manage to find another dog under all that hair.

Yes, that's only half of his body's hair clippings.
Labs shed the worst...don't let anyone tell you any different.

I'll let you know how shaving their hair effects the tumble weed situation.  I'm not sure what I will do with the lack of hair.  I guess I have to close down my cheingora factory.  Google it.

That's the end of "Vay-cay 2011!  Fun was had by all....

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