Wednesday, August 03, 2011


At dinner tonight Hill announced he had to poo-poo.  I apologized to him and said, "if I knew you were serious I'd stop eating and take you to try, but mama's hungry and I'm sure you've already done your business anyway.  After all, you have never used the training potty!"  He ate a few bites more and announced again he had to poo-poo.  He didn't say, "Mother dear, I have to use the facility" - it was more like "poo-poo! poo-poo!"  I did the sniff test and he hadn't yet.  I asked if he needed to potty and he again said, "poo-poo." I decided the appropriate good parent thing to do would be to stop stuffing my face and take him to his training potty.  

I wearily took off his diaper expecting him to have already filled her up, but it was clean.  I placed him on his training potty and he abruptly said, "NO!" and went to the big potty.  I balanced him on the big potty with his hands around my neck hoping he didn't have to tt because I would become the potty.  He reached to twirl the toilet paper and I probably rolled my eyes thinking how it was a trick for him to just take me away from my homemade pizza to goof off.  Then he got quiet and still and "plop" (don't you love my sound effects?)  


Chip and I made a really big deal about it, of course, and Hill had a big smile on his face.  What a great thing!  I guess I will start paying closer attention to him when he says "tt" or "poo-poo."  This may be a one time fluke, I don't care.  I'm ready to buy big boy panties and be done with diapers.  However, I am NOT ready for him to grow up.  I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too?  I will just wallow in my pride right now.  I am so proud and he is so smart!

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Jennifer said...

Gooooo Hill! That's awesome! Also read your return-from-vacay post and woman, I feel your pain. Esp. the "jump off a cliff" comment ...