Thursday, August 04, 2011

Toothy Tuesday

Every day this week has been a big day!  Monday Hill started a new class, Tuesday he went to the dentist, Wednesday he poo-poo'd in the big potty, today is Thursday and we have his first open house!  I'm not sure what Friday has in store, but I'm sure it's something big at this rate.

Tuesday morning Hill had his first dentist appointment.  Most 18 month olds don't really have a need to go to the dentist at such an early age, but I have talked previously about our concern that the tooth between his top right front tooth and K-9 tooth (parallel with his cleft lip) has come in forwards and backwards not side to side like normal teeth. Of course I researched all the awful things it could be and came to the personal certifiable diagnostic conclusion that he had a cleft palate but skin and tissue had grown over it hence making his tooth crooked.  So our sweet friend and dentist, Adam Middleton agreed to take on the challenge of x-raying a one and a half year olds mouth. 

Our appointment was at 8:30am and Hill was in a good mood.  He walked into the dentist office and was all business.  He helped fill out paperwork - the sweet receptionist gave me an extra clip board since Hill wanted to pretend to fill his own information out.  He had to answer all the tough question like is he a tobacco user?  Is there a chance he was pregnant? Will he be financially responsible for the payment?  You know, the big responsibility questions. 

Then we were called to the back by Mrs. Sharon.  Sharon Davis has been a life long friend and pretty much family member to Chip his whole life.  We love us some Mrs. Sharon.  She was our dental tech and had a bag full of goodies for us.  I swear, I'm not sure that I paid them enough for the x-rays because we got so much loot!  Hill got an inflatable soccer ball, 4 Mickey (or as Hill says, "Ki-Ki") stickers, sunglasses, tooth paste and a tooth brush! 

I apologized to them for having to start their day out tackling a toddler.  I'm sure they weren't excited.  Most dentists would probably rather scrape plaque off a rotton smelly tooth than try and x-ray a tiny mouth...a tiny wiggly mouth.  Hill was a little confused why everyone in the whole clinic was in his exam room or in the hallway watching him. I found it hilarious. I have to say that Hill 'performed' very well.  He sat in my lap in the dentist chair and only fussed a little bit when we had to hold his head still, but they got a good x-ray on the second shot.  Big ol' shout out to Sharon and the other tech.  Whoop!  Whoop!  I taught them a trick that I had up my sleeve.  If you want to see inside a baby's mouth you hold them and then flip them upside down. They think it's hilarious and open their mouths big and you can get a good look at all their teef-ies.

Adam saw that Hill has two teeth coming in between his top right front tooth and K-9 tooth.  I don't really know if it's called a K-9 tooth, but it's the pointy one. The reason why his tooth was sideways is because the other tooth was needing room to push through too.  It looks like there is enough space for both teeth, but one will need to be removed...eventually.  He wants us to come back in 6 months when the permanent teeth are more developed and we can form a plan of action then.  Right now, Hill will just have an extra tooth.  The better to eat his steaks with!  So, that is a sigh of relief that there doesn't seem to be any sign of a palate issues.  Not so fun that bugga boo has to endure yet another procedure of sorts at some point in the future. 

Is this cleft related since it's parallel with his cleft lip?  Who knows.  I'd like to think it probably is, but can't prove it - - even though I am a really good medically certifiable diagnostatrician.  Me and can solve the medical problems of the extra tooth at a time.

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JJ and Allen said...

Just FYI I have a gap on my left lower jaw where I had NO permanent tooth, and I had an extra incisor (I think that's what it's called) in the lower front (5 instead of 4). No dentist ever mentioned it until I went to discuss braces with an orthodontist at the ripe young age of 25!! Tell him he's just special like his auntie j :)