Thursday, March 31, 2011

Child Labor

You know why Chip and I procreated, right? 

To have free manual labor.



 Day after day

As he sings...
"No body knows, the troubles of my heart..."
Using the duster, the dust pan, and a can of fruit cocktail
while his stuffed bear keeps him company.

We make him use two broom.
It's more efficient that way.

He loves to vacuum. 
When it's not on he makes the hmmm sound to pretend it's on.
It really is a shame that as much energy as he puts into pulling out the vacuum, carrying the brooms around and putting shoes, clothes, coat hangers etc into the washing machine that the house still stays a wreck.


sm2 said...

love it! Sullivan enjoys emptying the dryer and dish washer and riding our vacuum around as I clean. love those boys!

Leon, Amanda, and Bishop said...

Haha! Bishop prefers to unload the dishwasher and (un)fold the clothes!

The Hendrix Family said...

you are hilarious!! seriously:)

btw - cobb's swim gear came from sweet dreams in madison. i love that store, but i have to go in there solo. tal finds it utterly ridiculous that his 7 month old's clothes are more expensive than his...

DenKag said...

My brother just recently posted the same exact thing of my 1-yr-old niece doing laundry. Hilarious! They all seem to like the same things...chores! :)