Friday, March 18, 2011

Peek-a-boo, On The Coast With Harvey!

Hill and Harvey made a trip down to Diamondhead to the condo last weekend.  They let us parents come and partake in the coastal activities.  The dads went fishing and caught all the fish in the bay while the moms hung out and chased two 14 months old boys around.  Yes, you heard me right...Hill decided he can walk now.  I'm pretty sure I can claim he started walking on my birthday (Thursday the 10th.)  I can say for sure that 14 months to the day he became confident enough in himself to walk.  He still likes to crawl because he's so fast at it, but I have to say that he is doing an awesome job as a newbie walker.  Go Buddy!

 Here is Hill on the way to the coast sharing his Mr. Potato Head glasses with me.
(reminds me of Tanner Pettit always wearing his yellow Mr. Potato Head glasses- cracks me up)

Harvey & Hill played so well together!
 They played peek a boo through the sliding glass door.
Harvey was outside & Hill was inside

There you are!

Peek-a-boo again!

Hill says, "Oh My Goodness!  This is so much fun!"
We had a lot of fun.  For my birthday dinner Friday night we went to the Jourdan River Steamer...of course, it's the only place I eat...ever.  Saturday we took the boys to the Children's Museum (pictures on that to be posted seperately) then Saturday night after the boys went to sleep we set up the baby monitor down by the pool and ate boiled shrimp and crawfish.  Yum!  I hope this weekend sets the standards for what the summer holds in store!  It's going to be great!  Sunday we left around lunch time. 

We have our little literary genius that read us stories all the way home from the coast. 

"da ya ta bah da see bah"

Got that mom?

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