Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mickey's Live Magic Show!

As if after all the fun things we'd done this past weekend wasn't enough, Chip and I took Hill to see Mickey's Live Magic Show at the Jackson Coliseum.  It was so much fun!
We started out our day in Jackson with lunch at Two Sisters.  If you have not eaten there do yourself a favor and check it out.  Whenever our 'vegetable-o-meter' is running low we know we can hit up Two Sisters for some homecooking.  The owner is originally from Kosciusko, if you go please let her know the Hawkins said hello!
Hill and his big boy plate full of veggies!
He ate EVERY bite!

I love Two Sisters

After he ate, his bib was still clean.
We only had one lima bean fatality on the floor, otherwise it was spick and span.

It's a parking lot.  What do we always do in the parking lot?
Dance of course!
He had to stop and dance before we entered to see Mickey!

Thanks to our buddy Pearce who has seen Mickey at Disney World for letting us borrow his Mickey shirt.

The stage

Me & My Buddy

People watching.
He gets that from his mama.

My boys

Big boy

Ta Da!
What a great show!

The show is not complete until you buy a $20 plastic light up toy.
We really did have a great time.  Hill was in a trans the whole time and lit up when Donald Duck would talk, when the music would play he'd rock back and forth and when people would clap, he'd join in the clapping.

I love making these fun memories with my cute little family!


Gena & Jason said...

FUN!! Did it beat the Kosy Circus??

Gena & Jason said...

Fun!! Did it beat the Kosy Circus??

The Pettits said...

now i'm really beating myself up about not taking tanner. bad me :( he would have loved it.