Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iPad and Busted Lip Birthday

I forgot to show you all what my dad got me for my birthday. 
I asked for an iPad and this is what I get??

Also, on my birthday I get a call from daycare that Hill has hit his lip on the metal bar at the bottom of the crib playing with a ball.  Typical boy.  The daycare is so preciously sweet and know my anxiety about his lip so I rushed across the street to find a smiling little booger faced little boy with a red swollen lip.  The sweet ladies gave him a popsicle to make it all better.  No need to rush to Memphis to see Dr. Shell, thank goodness!

If you don't mind adding us to your prayer list.  Hill has his follow up appointment with Dr. Shell in Memphis on April 7th to get the experts opinion on his potential surgery.  I discussed this with you guys back in October that he wanted to give it about 6 months more to heal before we proceeded with the final touch up surgery.  The time would give us a better idea of how things are coming together, lip, skin & muscle wise.  There was also the option of not having another surgery and letting time 'hopefully' heal everything together.

Not that Chip and I want to subject our son to any pain or other surgery we feel it in the best interest of Hill that we opt in for the surgery.  It's one last surgery to touch things up and it will be the 'cure all' for lack of better words.  We want to do this at an early age so that Hill won't remember anything.  If we were to wait 16-18 months or so to see if it healed itself then he'd be nearly 3, more active and recollective should he need the surgery.

What would they be doing?  The left side of the inside of his lip droops further down than the right side.  This is something that most people don't notice.  Also where they brought the left side and the right side of the lip together...where it makes the peak or point (my medical terminology) will be recessed down a bit more to align the pink parts his lip.  He has done fantastic.  He has healed fantastic.  Everything about his surgery was an extrememe success.  He just needs one more touch up round.

This go round for surgery I am not nearly as spastic.  I know what to expect, I know the procedure, I know Dr. Shell's abilities, I know the waiting game, I know the anxiety of most every aspect.  This settles my heart.  I also know that my little boy is resilient beyond comprehension and that I have the most awesome supportive husband, doctors, family and friends.  God is beyond good.  So, if you could just remind me of what I've written here once we schedule the surgery and it becomes more of a reality and I start to panic, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

So, April 7th - Hill's doctors appointment with the plastic surgeon.  Please add it to your prayer list, if you don't mind.


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Gena & Jason said...

will be praying for you all and Hill :)