Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For The Veterans - Our Heros

Saturday morning we went to the Veterans home for an event they had to raise money to renovate the residents rooms.  The VA does a wonderful job and they always have such fun activities for their residents.  They raised money by selling tshirts and homemade icecream and the big event was the car show.  They had a lot of cars enter, which is great.
Here are a few pictures of our morning at the VA event.

Mrs. Juli
One our favorite friends is a social worker at the VA.
Her and her husband sang the Star Spangled Banner and did a fabulous job!

The American Legion motorcyclers

The color guard

The car show.
I felt this explained a lot. 
There were some pretty neat old cars there

Hill is very excited to be sporting his patriotic gear.
Look for this outfit again during 4th of July.

Walking everywhere!

Snacking on goldfish in the grass
 These are my favorite.  He just wanted to sit on the curb and hold that flag.  Sweet boy.

Hanging out in the bouncy house.
Fun stuff!
The boy was exhausted after his morning at the Veterans home.  I didn't get pictures of him dancing in the parking lot to the entertainment.

Thank you to everyone that helped put this together.  You guys are wonderful and I love your spirit and all you do for our heros!  We had a wonderful time.

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