Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Birthday and GNO Part Deux

I had a fabulous day on my birthday.  I woke up to Hill wanting to celebrate at 3:00 am.  He just wasn't tired and wanted to play.  Oh to be young again and be able to function on no sleep.  So at around 8:03 am (my time of birth) I received my annual birthday call from my sweet mother.  A birthday is not complete until you are sung "Happy Birthday" from Nancy Lou.  It's most definitely the highlight of every year.  I love it. 
My dad called and my step mom called to wish me a happy day!  That was a ray of sunshine!
I received over 100 birthday wishes on Facebook alone, it's always so nice when people take time out to wish you a happy day.  Maybe I should start looking at the birthday calendar on Facebook and wishing people well.  I always figure my well wishes to them will seem cliche and will just get caught up in the rest of the mass of posts.  I will have to reconsider this now.
Everyone at work wished me a happy birthday and people in other departments sent me emails. For my birthday lunch we did the annual analyst lunch.  My friends and co-workers, Shareta & Jeremy took me to lunch.  Every year on everyones birthday or birthday week we do lunch.  I love them and am so greatful we keep in touch.  They are awesome people and friends.   It was just an all around great day!

Chip had me finally pick out settings for earrings and a necklace to put the stones from one of his mothers rings in.  That is really special and I can't wait to see the final product.  My mother in law got me a necklace that has my name, Chip and Hill with a cross  on it.  It's sweet.  My sweet friends Whitney and Gena took me to dinner at the Mexican restaurant the night before and had me a Mississippi Mud Cake from Seasonings.  Yum-o!  This made me smile becaue it meant that Chip actually heard my going on and on about how fabulous their mud cake is!  Gena got me a really cute cup and Whitney got me this beautiful handmade pottery bowl with an R in the middle.  Love it!  Love them! 

So pretty much in a nutshell everyone in my life is awesome and I love them all.

Then it just so happened that Girls Night Out (GNO) landed on my birthday!  Here are a few pictures of the people there and our final masterpiece.
Whitney & Kayla

Jennifer & Shea

Sassy Sharon & Misty

Kayla, Me, JJ & Whitney
I had a great birthday, which landed on a Thursday.  The other awesome part was that I took Friday off and we headed to the coast!  More on that later!

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Ruth said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday.
And I am glad the night we went painting mine wasn't that big.