Friday, March 18, 2011

Children's Museum - Round Two

We love us some Lynn Meadows Children's Museum in Gulfport.  I think we just went like 3 weeks ago and we loved it so much we decided our buddy Harvey had to check it out too!  These little guys crack me up! 

Hill driving the rocket ship while Harvey shifts gears.
 All was fun and games until an older little girl wanted to show Hill how the steering wheel moved and slammed the metal bar into his leg.  I know she meant well, but Hill cried every time he saw her after that.

Cutie Patooties!
Harvey & his sweet mama, JJ.

Can we get a clean up on aisle 12, please?
He has his little grocer smock on.

Harvey working hard too.
He's restocking the dish detergent.

Hill kept trying to give me this box.
It's all empty boxes of food stocked in the pretend store.
Little did I know he thought there were Cheerios in it and he wanted a snack!
Harvey in the check out line.

Produce Fight!
They both wanted the orange.

Hill decided to transfer from stocking shelves to the seafood department
as the Seafood Specialist.
He had a time keeping all the lobster and crab contained!

Once he got all the seafood organized

He had his first customer!
Yes, Ma'am! Two fresh crab coming right up!
Ok, this is absolutely hilarious.  I might have explained it before, but there is a greenroom with a kayak in it.  Outside of the greenroom is a television that has a pretend background like you are rafting down the river.  So here you have it...Harvey in the kayak and Hill in the water trying to get into the kayak.  It's like he's fighting for his life in the water...
Harvey! Help me into the boat!

This is what it looks like inside the greenroom

Then we went to the train station.  Hill has lumps of coal in his hands.
Wonder if that's setting the precedence for Santa this year?

Capt. JJ & her first mate Harvey!

Hill the Sailor Man

Hill loves this tunnel outside.
He'd go back and forth, back and forth.
Here is the little man in action walking outside in the leaves!

Don't you just love those little tiny squatty legs?!?

Watching Harvey play in the tree with water in it.

Hey!  Up here!
I'm in a tree house!  I see you down there!

Hill says, "Ok Harvey, we need a plan to get across this bridge!"
Little boys, little boys.  You sure know how to melt a mama's heart. You make me smile.
I love to see you play and explore, I could watch you for hours!

What a fun fun time we had!
Thanks Warrington Crew for an awesome weekend!

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