Thursday, September 09, 2010

What All Does An 8 Month Old Do?

Hill is growing up so fast.
He will be 8 months old on Sunday.
Here is the down low on what tricks and new things our munchkin does.

* He wears a size 6-9 months, except in pants he wears like a 6 month. Yesterday I took him to get measured for an outfit I'm getting made and his inseam is 5. Yes 5 inches. How stinking cute is that? His daddy has a long body and short legs too.

*He wears a size 3 diaper and HATES to have it changed. I hate changing it too because he flips over and wiggles and squirms. Makes for a tedious wrestling match.

*He's forgotten how to say Mama since he's now always saying Dada, but Mama was for sure his first word. Sometimes I think he says ‘dog’ and ‘hey’, but maybe it's my imagination.

*He can give you 5 (which is new) and wave bye bye (which he's been doing for about a month.) We want to work on blowing kisses next.

*He gives the sweetest, silliest, best open mouth slobbery kisses in the world. He will take his sticky little hands and pull your hair and face towards his open mouth and just plant one on ya. It may land on your nose, your cheek, your forehead or on the kisser, but he’s a snuggly kissy butt and a total mama's boy. Hopefully one day soon he will stop pulling my hair. It hurts so so so bad.

*He crawls everywhere and likes to chase the dogs. He pulls up on things like his 'cage' but can't figure out how to set himself back down, so he cries for help and frustration.

*He's been sleeping in his crib for about 2 months, since he started to roll himself over. We had him in a play pen in our room for the first 6 months for fear of SIDS and not being right there.

*He still loves his swing just as much as the day he was born. I'm not too sure what we are going to do when he grows out of it. He will be like 6 years old with his feet dragging the ground in the living room watching Mickey Mouse Club House.

*Mickey Mouse Club House is by far this little boys favorite. He literally stops what he's doing as soon as he hears Mickey's voice and gasps for air because Mickey makes him lose his breath, he gets so excited. Hill dances all the time (he gets that from his mommy) but when the Hot Dog song comes on…. everything must stop and he must dance. Remember he's only 8 months old!

*He has his two bottom teeth in already (came in at 6 months) but he is trying to cut the top left tooth which keeps everyone up at night. We sometimes wake at 4am, 3am, 2am or like last night at 1am. See comments above about swing which is my saving grace during these early morning tirades.

*We have the same routine every day.

We wake up and get in bed to play with Daddy while Katie Lou runs around the bed avoiding Hill at all costs. Chip gives him his “bah-bah” (bottle) and together they watch Mickey Mouse Club House. During this time Mama is getting ready for work.

Once everyone is dressed and ready I take Hill to daycare. We give enough kisses to last the day until my kiss-o-meter runs low and I need to go refuel. His daycare is across the street from my office. Literally, when I pull out of the parking lot of my work the fasten seatbelt ding in my car doesn’t cut off until I pull into the parking lot of the daycare. This is so great because I love to go and check on my bugga-boo during the day. I think he likes seeing me as much as seeing him makes my heart shine.

After work I hop on over to pick him up and LOVE IT when he sees me and gets so excited. His tiny smile just makes me melt!

We get home and play play play. Sometimes we play with the puppies, sometimes we play in our cage, sometimes we play outside, sometimes we play in our room. We just love to play and investigate new things.

After about an hour of being home it’s time for dinner. We eat and hang out. Meal time is fun time. He usually eats a veggie and a fruit and maybe some puffs too. My favorite is when he swings or kicks his legs back and forth from his high chair. I too do a happy dance when I like my food.

After dinner it’s bath time! Now that he's pulling up on things he LOVES to stand outside the tub and watch the water fill it up. He likes to splash around and put his foam A-Z letters in his mouth. He thinks it’s hilarious when I stick one of each color on the side of the tub and say “green,” “yellow,” “red,” & “blue.” Blue makes him lose it every time. Blue must be a funny funny word to an 8 month old.

After his bath it USE to be like a trigger for bed time. Now in his older age he knows it’s bed time still because we lather down in lotion, clean out his ears, put on the pjs and Dada always has the lights in the living room turned down low and our bah-bah ready - - but now since he’s a wiggle. He wants to wiggle and drink his bottle. Then eventually after frustration sets in he’ll pass out.

That’s our typical day.

At daycare he eats breakfast (a fruit) around 8:30 then takes a nap around 9:30-10:30 and then eats lunch (a veggie) around 12:00-12:30 then naps around 1:30-2:30 then plays with his friends and has a snack around 4:00 until I get there at 5:00. His crib at daycare is on the “not so good sleeper” side of the room. They say he’s getting better, but I don’t think he takes long naps like the other kiddos. Oh, well…I guess he’s afraid he will miss out on something fun if he’s asleep! 

Our little buddy sure is our everything! Life is so busy with him, but as the ol’ cliché goes – I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Happy 8 months bugga boo! We love you!

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