Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Mommy

It's a son is a spitting image of his daddy - there is no denying it.  He is my baby's daddy.  I have come to accept the only thing he got from me was his temper when he's hungry and his grouchy demeanor when he's sleepy.  BUT.... if you look closely you can see some of me in Hill too.  I know most of you didn't know me when I was a baby because "I'm not frum round these parts" - - but Lord have mercy I was really cute and sweet and my mama always had me dressed in dresses and bonnets.  The world often wondered why all babies couldn't be as well behaved and precious as I.... ok ok I digress.
What I wanted to show you was how Hill and I favor even if he is eaten up with his daddy's look. (I'm not saying Chip and I look alike, but anyway)

Sweet tiny me.
Go ahead and say it... Awwwww

This is my favorite picture
Me and my Papaw
If you look at my profile Hill and I do pretty much look alike.

I will have to scan a few pictures of his daddy when he was a babe.  I just wanted to be selfish and show you me.  Sweet, precious, innocent, angelic, baby me.  So maybe Hill did get more than his hunger pangs and irritable sleepy headedness from me.

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