Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chicken of the Sea

As I've stated before that Hill is Mr. Independent these days and so since he wants to be a big boy then by all means, let the boy have what he wants.  I called his pediatrician to see if he could go ahead and start eating things like eggs, canned tuna, catfish, etc. - you know, grown up things. We got the green light and so last night for dinner I gave him tuna (chicken of the sea) and mixed veggies.  Here is how that went.

Dinner a la Hill
I decided a plate was not a good idea
so we dumped it on his tray
Yum, grown up food.
Would you like some?
Foster (left floor) & Katie (right of chair)
are waiting patiently for Hill to drop something.
I will eat it all up
Then help mommy clean the high chair tray
and show you how full my belly is
(and my dirty foot)
I was really impressed with his picking up and putting in his mouth skills.  He ate most of his veggies first, which I didn't expect but makes his mommy proud.  I even had to go and get more because he liked them so much.  Maybe it was because they were bright?  He liked the tuna a lot, which makes his daddy proud. 

We want him to be a good diverse eater.
So hopefully this is a start.

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sm2 said...

are those veggies you cooked or bought? they are a good size for finger food eating. I need help. My poor child is really sick of my lame menu for him.