Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub

Bath time is a fun time for me and Hill.  After a long day of work away from my sweet man we have our little routine.  We come home and play for maybe 30 minutes to an hour (depending when he last ate) and then we eat dinner, which has become a huge messy process, then it's time for Hill to jump into the tub.
Here are a few pictures of us being silly during bath time.
(Hill can hate me later)
First we have to run our bath water
Then we have to take a close up picture of the cutest little hiney
Then we have to check out the toys.
His favorite is the red foam letter 'T' because it easily fits in his mouth.
Hey, bath time is a serious time.

I have so much hair look how high my mohawk is!
Silly Hilly
Ok, you can watch only if you play with me!

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Jennifer said...

Cute - Cute - Cute!!!!