Friday, May 09, 2014

Superheroes, Lemonade & Pirates

What do Superheroes, Lemonade & Pirates all have in common?

This is the ultimate of all ultimate photos.  Hands down, my favorite in the universe.

Captain America and Hulk

Hill had a superhero 2nd birthday party...
.....and this was the cover of his invitation

This was before the tennis courts at the Country Club were torn down.  I drew the sky scrapers and had him lay down with his cape on and drew wind behind him.  Still cracks me up.

Batman (Hill) and Superman (Judson)

All the ladies were super into Hill,
especially once he got his new set of wheels.
Maci sure was digging on him.

It wouldn't be a superhero party IF superheroes didn't come!
All of the girls were scared to death of them,
but the guys were like What! What!

 Then Miss Priss had her Lemonade Party
Sweet Little Mama
All of the pics for Reid's party are on my Mac.  I'll have to do a recap of her big day soon!

 Then Hill had a Pirate Party for his 3rd birthday 
Our Tree House served as the Pirate Headquarters

Even Katie participated.
Argh Katie!

The birthday boy and AWESOME shirt
Mrs. Whitney made him

Friends and doesn't get much better than that.
Can I get an Amen?

Where does the time go?  These babies are just tiny babies and the days and years keep flashing by!  
I love birthdays, they are my favorite. I don't love them getting older!

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