Friday, May 09, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods - To the Coast We GO!

For those of ya'll that know us, if we aren't in the Land of Koz we are on the Coast.  It's our happy place and when I say coast I mean the Mississippi Coast and not the beach part...the water.  
I gently remind you that the things I dislike the most in life are glitter and sand.  Eekk.

I've lost track of how many times we've been to the coast since Reid was born.  I know she was there when she was like mere days old.  I was on maternity leave and she wanted to see her Aunt-y J.C. (Aunt Jane Claire) and JC lives on the coast so it's like double whammy awesome all rolled into one when we get coast trips like that. 

Here is a snapshot of my favorite peeps in America
December 2012

We went to a parade in March 2013 was Mardi Gras and she's covering her eyes.

 And because I don't want to hold my kids back from any experiences 
some times I have to take one for the team.

Like sitting in the sand

So she can say she's been on the beach

and then get over it
 I feel ya sister.  It's not all it's cracked up to be.

But moments like this are pretty precious
My guys headed to Ship Island
about to board the Ferry

And hanging out with our cousins at our favorite eatery
The Sycamore House in Bay St. Louis.
Do yourself a favor and eat there.
 This was our trip to the coast with the 
Warrington folk in March 2014
Hill and Hazel counting for Hide & Seek

Me and my bugga boo

Hill & Harvey fishing buds

Good Catch Buckaroo!

The guys showing off

I love this picture of Hill poking the fish eye

Whoa there Catch O' The Day!

Hey, this thing is bigger than I am!?!

It's a hard life folks.

But a beautiful view

with a lotta Jesus

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