Friday, May 09, 2014

Go Rebels!

We have had some fun times in Oxford over the last year.  Football and Baseball games in Oxford are the best.  I don't care what team you cheer for, Ole Miss and the Grove is where it's at.  We did travel to a few away games too.

The 2012 season took Ole Miss to the BBVA Compass Bowl against Pittsburgh in Birmingham, AL in January 2013 (yeah, Pittsburgh *crickets*). Awesome thing is that our good friends from Koz had just moved to B'ham so we got to be their first house guests and crash their new house!  Yay!  The Rebs won 38-17 probably because my kids were so freaking cute in their Ole Miss gear...and because it's Pittsburgh...(yeah, Pittsburgh *crickets*)  Well we didn't go to the game - the dads went to the game.  The kiddos and moms just hung out.

Are you ready!?!

Hell yeah!

And we went to a baseball game last Spring.  If you haven't taken your kiddos to an Ole Miss baseball game please do so. It's a whole lot of fun....well it was for us.  It's a nice safe closed in area and has a play ground section.  And they have sno cones.  Us Hawkins folks are suckers for sno cones.

Plus, when you are a diva, such as Reid, then anywhere you go will be a fun glamorous time.

Then foozeball season started back up and we were READY!
The first game we traveled to was the Vanderbilt game in Nashville (August 2013). Chip's best friends from college live in Nashville and we are always looking for excuses to go hang out with them!
Hill had just had his 3rd surgery to repair his cleft and we may or may not have arranged for his follow up appointment in Memphis to be around this football game. Memphis straight on to Nashville.

Having a picnic in the Sanders kitchen
Reid in the walker, Hill in the construction safety vest,
Kellan by the fridge while Murphy the dog watches on.
Craig's mom was awesome enough to watch Reid and Kellan 
while we all went to the game.  
Thank you Mrs. Sanders!

Hill was a jewel throughout the game. Also, Vanderbilt has the best freaking hot dogs on the planet.  I swear I will talk about that damn hot dog the rest of my life.
Towards the end Hill got a little ansy so Lyndsay and I took him to the car.  
Meanwhile, Ole Miss had everyone pacing.  I was getting texts from Chip that can not be repeated, I'm pretty sure he almost had heart failure.  In the end, Ole Miss brought it home...crazy.

Vandy Game 2013
Ok, then there was this trip....2013 Ole Miss vs A&M
October 12, 2013
This is the trip I'm pretty sure Chip was so tired of dealing with 3 kids in the back seat.
Reid, Hill and Me.

This terd jacked with me the whole 2 hour trip

I'm not touching you!
Can you see the amusement on my face...
she says sarcastically.
 Then we got out of the car and had freedom in the Grove
left to right
front Harvey & Emory Hart
middle Hazel & Reid
Back Tanner & Hill

This little angel and I had a fun time at the game

because she slept the entire time
No clue how she slept it was SO LOUD!
Everyone around us was like, seriously?  She's asleep?
Rebs ended up losing to A&M 41-38 what a tense game.
A good game though!

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