Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Place To Start

I've been sifting through pictures, categorizing them, trying to set them up chronologically, figuring out which ones to post - which to ditch.  I have over 200 I know I want to post but over 10,000 to choose from.  I know, I'm a tad bit of a photo freak...just a tad.

So I figured I better start with the all inclusive Christmas Card / Birth Announcement back in "aught" 12.  Yes, 2012 was so long ago - we've celebrated Christmas Day twice since these cards came out....but that's where I am, 2012.

Doesn't this just take your breath away?
It does mine, every time I look at it
and I've looked at it a million times.

Oh my sweet tiny babies
....and Hill's second time to hold her ever
(he was bribed)

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