Friday, May 09, 2014

New Year & New Things!

The month of January marks a new year 
and a lot of new/firsts for the kiddos.

Reid's first snow
January 2012
Heaven save my soul... my hair was so dark and drab and funky.  
Glad I got over that look...not soon enough.

Then as I mentioned in a previous post about Mama Lou being in a wreck and breaking her arms.  Reid and I went to visit her in Texas in January 2013 and give her get well kisses.  
So this is Reid's first airplane ride.
She was 10 weeks old and a super trooper.

She got a window seat

She slept

And slept some more in the Bjorn

Hill had his first spend the night friend, Tanner!

Big Guys!  1-30-13
This next picture has a story and it is quite HILARIOUS.  Hill got his bike for his 2nd birthday.  He wanted to go and ride through the neighborhood...little did he know our neighborhood is not flat.
He got off a couple of times to just walk.  FYI - It's hard pushing a stroller and a bike.  Finally we just left the bike on the side of the street and came back around on our walk to get it later on.  I had him get back on and ride it home.  Here's how the conversation went...

Hill: (in a gasping for air breathing hard over dramatized manner) Mama. My legs, they are burning. Oh, they are on fire mama.  My knees, mama. Mama, my knees are broken.  I can't move them any more. Oh mama, my legs can't peddle any more.  oh, mama.  Mama, "hep" me. a quarter mile behind him laughing so hard trying not to pee my pants.

Riding the bike sans drama 1-23-2013

Then this is January 2014
Eating brownies...on our head!
and my sweet babies feeding Reid's babies
Melt. My. Heart.

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