Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why are you so funny?

Hill has been doing some monstrously funny things lately.  He can communicate really really well.  If he wants something he can ask for it or give you direction to figure out what it is he does need or want.  He’s very good at saying No.  He has never said the word Yes, he only says “ahh” like in a ‘that was refreshing’ type way or starts laughing.  If you are sitting down and he wants you to get up to get him something he will pull your arm and grunt while trying to lift you up.  He usually needs me to be doing something for him so it’s always “mama geh up!  Ugh! (grunt pull grunt) Geh up!”
He’s obsessed with trucks, fire trucks tractors and anything that has wheels.  He’s always sure to point out the “wee-eews” (wheels).  He has learned that there are men that drive fire trucks and they are evidentially called fire truck mans.
He understands that there are different kinds of balls.  You have baseball (bayball), basketball (back ek ball), football (boo ball), but my favorite is soccer ball (caca ball).
He knows that his name is Hill Hawkins and if you ask him to say it he usually will unless he’s being really shy.  It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever to hear him say Hawkins.  He pronounces it very clearly.  The other thing that he pronounces fantastically is the name of his chapstick.  It’s called Baby Kisses and it makes me want to eat him up when he says it so precisely. 
My son is a male diva.  I don’t know what you call a male diva but he is so vain.  He thinks my cell phone is dedicated to pictures and videos of him.  If he sees my phone (or Chips) he says “picture Hill” meaning I know you have pictures of me in there and we need to sit here for 3 hours and look at them over and over and over.  If he finds my phone sitting alone somewhere he can reach he will grab it.  The boy knows how to open the smart phone.  Push the button at the bottom then slide the bar across with your finger.  My password seems to aggravate him because he can’t get past it.  So so vain. Wait until he finds out he has a blog that’s mainly about him one day.  We will all be up a creek then.
The kooky things he still does is obsess over his shoes, socks and shirts.  He MUST pick out his own clothes otherwise it makes for a long long morning.  I’ve come to the conclusion that some kids have their pacifiers, others their blankets…Hill has his shoes.  He has specific names for them.  There are his cool shoes (kooh shoe), tennis shoes (tennih shoe), his car house shoes (car shoe) and many others but those are the main ones that have a name.  If he doesn’t have them on when he goes to sleep then he requests them in his bed and before he goes to bed he usually puts them on himself - - the correct foot 98% of the time.  And I’m sure that you didn’t know but there are certain shoes that require certain socks depending on the mood of the day.  Yes it’s true and my son prefers navy blue socks if I give him a choice.
The latest is manners.  Daycare has done an outstanding job with teaching him manners.  No ma’am, please, thank you, welcome.  He always tells me, “thanks ma.”  So nonchalantly.  Ma?  Really?  What are we the Walton’s?  Night John Boy.
We’ve established he’s a good eater.  I hope he doesn’t become obsessed with eating but at this age I never know if he’s really hungry when he says “eat” or if it’s just habit?  He’s just as bad with his eating set up as he is with his shoe fetish.  If he’s eating a snack he likes them to be in a bowl.  He can go to the cabinet and pick out his plastic bowl of choice then bring it to you to put his snack in.  His sippy cup debacle usually causes the most drama. He associates his cups with people, situations and likes.  He likes the movie Cars so he likes his Car sippy cup or his Truck sippy cup (the red one specifically not the yellow one with trucks on it.)  He likes the juice bottles that have batman or superman or some type of figurine on the top to drink out of - - that is what he calls a “man bah”  - Because it has a man on it and it’s a bah-bah (aka sippy cup).  Capri Suns with the surfer on it is a man bah as well.
Those three types of cups are the ones I can usually get him to drink out of without drama.  Sometimes I’m supposed to read his mind and know that he wants “Harvey’s bah” which he and Harvey have an identical sippy cup so it’s called the Harvey ba.  Then there is “Addie’s bah” which one time when cousin Addie came over she drank out of it so now it has been dubbed her bah.  It’s obscene and a tad overboard on the OCD’ness.
He’s a hoot. Says and does the most hilarious things.  As Thanksgiving approaches he has been coloring and making crafts with lot of turkeys so after school he hands me his work of the day and says, “Chicken!”  Like one of our friends say – Turkey / Chicken whatever they all eat good.  J
Ok so the mother of all stories…the other day I was working in the yard.  I was on all fours picking weeds and Hill came up behind me and pulled the waist of the back of my pants and said, “Mama! Poo Poo?”  We are always checking his diaper by doing the same thing so he was just looking out incase his mama had a stinky hiney!
Love him!

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DenKag said...

LOVE the "Mama! Poopoo?" story; that is so funny!