Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We had an AWESOME day Sunday the 30th of October.  My friend Marsha recommended a pumpkin patch about 40 minutes away in Duck Hill, Bull Bottom Farms - so the husband, son and I loaded up for a Griswald Hawkins Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza!

Hill waiting patiently for us to get ready to go!
He pulled the box of dish detergent out to sit on and wait.
We arrived at 2:20 pm and time flew by so fast after an hour and a half we had done so much and had so much fun!

There were goats, cows and bunnies.  Hill loved them all!  He’d hop like a bunny and try to shove grass in the goats mouths all the while laughing his sweet belly laugh that makes my heart melt.

They had a slide that was in like a homemade sandbox, but instead of sand it was filled with corn!  How stinking creative is that?!  I think these people KNEW how much I hate sand and glitter and didn’t have any of that jazz anywhere.  I love them for that.  The corn was neat!  We buried Hill in it and then Chip asked Hill if he knew what that was?  “It’s corn, Buddy.”  So what does Hill do?  Shoves a hand full in his mouth!  Yuck!  

My little Scarecrow

We swung in the swing and Chip decided we had to get this type of swing if Hill is a good boy for Santa to bring or maybe for his birthday?  I love watching his blonde blonde hair sway in the wind back and forth like when the breeze hits the corn stalks in the field.  Hill’s big sweet smile that comes from the tickling in his tummy because his Daddy is pushing him higher and higher.  That’s what life’s all about.  Those moments….these moments…

After that we walked through a corn maze.  I showed Hill that the corn came off the stalk or “stick” and lived underneath the shuck or “blanket.”  He carried two shucked pieces of corn around the whole maze.  Then when we got out of the maze I asked him to put them down and he opened his arms and just dropped them as if his obligation of carrying that corn to civilization was accomplished.

They had a mini hay bale maze for Hill sized kiddos.  He liked to crawl over the hay to get to where he needed to go.

Then the Mother of all Mothers… we loaded up on a trailer for the TRACTOR to take us on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch!  Hill just sat and stared as if this was the best day ever – he was being pulled by a tractor!  He’d say “tractor vroom vroom.”   

We came over the hill and there it was - - the pumpkin patch.  Hill yelled out “PUH-KIN!”

He got two little pumpkins.  He liked the greenish colored ones best and didn’t want to run through the field with all the pumpkins just stay in his one little area with all the little pumpkins.  

After we got back to where the activities were we decided to call it a day.  We certainly had a blast and would recommend Bull Bottom Farms to anyone looking for a good wholesome family fun time.

Hill brushed the pumpkins "hair" all the way home.

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