Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 2nd favorite day of the month

Every year my brother gives me the Southern Living magazine subscription for Christmas.  When I open the mailbox once a month I always feel like I’m 9 years old and got a piece of “fun mail.”  You know those days before the bills and donation forms had your names on them.  I get that exciting feeling when I receive my Southern Living magazine. 
I’m glad to say that my son feels the same way.  The other day we sat down and looked through the Thanksgiving edition and Hill got hungry.  He asked me to get him a spoon so he could eat!

That silly nut!  I will say that he knows who the cook around here is….not his mama.  When he’s hungry he says “EAT!” then climbs into his highchair and sits down (yes he insists he climb up all by himself)  sometimes he says “Dada, cook.”  If he wants a snack then he knows to come to mama and say what he wants…which may be gold fish (ish), gummy snacks (nummies), popcicles (pah kikle), or my favorite dried cranberries (nuts.) 
He still prefers broccoli, peas or lima beans over corn dogs or other fun fattening foods.  He could eat fish for every meal but chips and french fries trump everything.
Maybe his mama will find time one day to cook like the Southern Living people.  In the meantime he can just pretend to eat the delish food they take pictures of.

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