Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Bam Bam

This Halloween there seemed to be a lot of Spiderman’s and Pirates….but not Hill.  If you recall, we Hawkins parents take full advantage of the fact that our son doesn’t yet have an opinion of what he wants to be for Halloween.  Last year Chip got to choose…
The infamous Tree Car Air Freshener

This year I got to choose…
My Little Bam Bam
I capitalized on the fact that my son is a spitting image of Bam Bam from the Flintstones.

We had so much fun this Halloween!  Wednesday, the 26th we were invited to go to the Methodist Church Halloween Carnival.  We ate hot dogs, jumped in the bouncy house, bobbed for apples, colored, threw bean bags and played Plinko.  Our good friends The Pettit’s invited us, as they always do, to their fun events.  Even our buddy Harvey was there and we got to see our friend that we met back at Easter, Cobb Hendrix.  We had a blast!
Hill loved the apple bobbing (with a net)
He handed me his hat as he walked up like
"Hey Mom, hold my hat - I've got this"

And he did have it!
He got 2 apples and a bunch of candy from Mrs. Jennie Cook 

Jumpin' in the bouncy house!

Coloring his 'puh-kin'

Sweet Harvey resting his horsey while he colors.

Tanner, Hill & Harvey

Cowboy Tanner & Bam Bam

Two cowboys and a caveman

I'm not too sure what Hill is doing to Cobb here.
They sure are cutie patooties though!

Monday afternoon, Halloween Day, our local stores on the Square do trick or treating from 3:30-5:30.  Some retailers dress up, some just have huge bags of candy to hand out to the swarm of children (and the occasional teen) as they round the Square in their costumes. It really is neat that our community comes together to do this.  I picked Hill up early from daycare to go to Nana & Papa’s house to put on his costume.  Nana had so much candy and toys for Hill that it filled his pumpkin to the top!  When we got in the car I had to pour it into a sack so that he could make room for more candy!  (Chip started his diet 2 days before Halloween - - bad idea - - didn’t work)

Off to the Square we went….my office is on the Square so Hill and I had to make the rounds to show off his cuteness to my work people.  I really think that they were waiting to see what Hill would be this year because everyone at work kept talking about the hilarity of his being an Air Freshener last year.  Chip met us up at my office and by the end of our trick or treating stint on the Square Hill was a pro.  He knew to put the candy in his ‘puh-kin.’  We did at one point have to sit in the middle of the floor of loan operations and eat a tootsie roll.  

Mr. Toby Tyler & Hill on the Square
 After the Square we went to go see Ed and Daisy Dog.
Daisy Dog

Ed & Hill

We tried to go to the Cheeks (Stephen & Sherrie), because that was the 1st house Hill ever trick or treated in his whole life, and they always go all out - - but it was early and they weren’t home yet.  
We did however go to our friend Hollee Cheek’s house.  We were her 1st trick or treater ever!  She’s lived in that house 3 years and never has had a trick or treater before.  So of course we had to make it a picture-esque moment.  You see, Hill has always had a crush on Miss. Hollee but she will be getting married in April and so Hill has had to reevaluate their relationship and I think he’s comfortable with it now.  Candy always makes situations better.  Thanks Miss. Hollee!  We love you!

Love this picture of both Hollee and Hill

I've decided this is next years October Southern Living magazine cover.
 I apologize in advance I cannot get the rest of the pictures to turn right side up....

This crazy gourd was on Hollee's porch

She even made pumpkin people!
After a good 2 hours of gathering candy, taking pictures and being stopped by people walking or driving in their cars to tell us that he hands down has the best, cutest costume they’d seen this year.  We had one more special stop to make.
Sassy & Pop’s house! (Sandra & David Landrum)

Hill had so much fun at Sassy & Pop’s house…they always have something special for him.  Not only does he and Pop love Smarties as their favorite candies, but Sassy knows what Hill likes too – trucks!  Especially a truck with Ole Miss on it!  He calls it his “webel truck” (rebel truck.)  Macie dog was there and Hill and Macie played and played so much that Hill woke up the next morning still talking about Macie dog.  

Hill and Macie

Sassy, Hill & the 'webel truck'

Thanks so much to everyone for making this Halloween so fun and memorable.  We only have 364 days left to plan his next costume!

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