Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bloody Nose & Busted Lip - Friday Night Fight Night

Last Friday night, October 28th, Chip was out of town to Oxford because he and Al went to go hear Snoop Dogg play at the Lyric.  I know, hilarious right?  These boys will never grow up, which is fine because they have the best time.  So, I sent a text to my sister in law to see if her and my nephew wanted to come over and play with Hill and me.  

Meryl and Shane Preston came over and those boys were in full testosterone mode.  Trucks, jumping on beds and furniture, blocks, Mr. Potato Head, more trucks, Disney channel and imagination galore.  Then things got a little rough, not sure exactly what happened because I didn’t see it, but Hill ended up with a bloody nose and busted lip screaming crying.  Poor Shane Preston was as scared as could be.  It was way past everyone’s bedtime and I think it involved doing back flips out of a chair and then hard tile floors – none of that meshes well together.  

There was blood everywhere.  I have to say that I kept my cool.  Hill was in tune to my chilled out mode and did most everything I asked of him.  We kept his nose cleaned and tried to see what damage was done to his cleft repair.  Even though it was 9:30 pm I called my friend/ neighbor / nurse who is an angel and always there for us accident prone sickling Hawkins people.  I rushed him to her house and she was able to look in his mouth and see that the connector thing between his lip and gums (“connector thing” is a medical term in case you didn’t know) was possibly separated and his lip was so fat and swollen we couldn’t see much else.  Swollen like when he just gets out of surgery.  The only thing that kept me from going to the ER was that Dr. Shell wouldn’t be there and he’s the only one that I would let do anything to my son’s mouth.

We didn’t get to bed until almost midnight.  Hill ate two popsicles since that is the only way I could keep cold on his lip and then he wanted to sleep with his Mama.  Which was A Ok with his Mama. The dogs woke me up at like 3 am because it smelled like there was a skunk in our house and I was afraid to let them out so I had to sit up with them to keep them quiet.  

During that hour I prayed and reflected over Hill’s journey.  I wondered if he was the only crazy clumsy little boy that has had cleft repairs and inevitably jacks up his lip every few months after a surgery.  I found comfort in the fact that 1) His muscle reconstruction was a year and a half ago and had hopefully healed and weren’t damaged by the accident of the night and 2) When he had his first accident “The Big One” back in June 2010 and he hit his lip on the stroller bar and it MADE A HOLE in his face under his nose.  Ugh, that makes my stomach ache every time I remember that day.  That goes down in the top five worst days of my life. I remembered that I was sure Dr. Shell had fallen off the cuckoo wagon when he told me that the hole you could fit a straw through would heal itself.  No worries, no stitches.  And he was right; it healed up all on its own.  Why should I worry about a fat lip and potential disconnected connector thingy?

I finally went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 7 next to a blue eyed happy boy with a swollen lip.  I sent Chip a text to give us a call when he woke up.  I didn’t tell him about the accident the night before because there was nothing he could do from Oxford and I didn’t want him to worry about “Hizzlle” as he watched Snoop Dogg.

Throughout the day Saturday Hill would occasionally say that his nose hurt.  I think he was talking about under his nose inside the top part of the upper lip - - which in Hill terms would be his nose.  

But it must not have hurt too bad because he was still able
to request BACON for breakfast.
What can I say, the kid loves bacon.
We laid low Saturday other than going to Rhodes Develin’s 1st birthday party.  Chip, Hill and I went to go buy Rhodes a birthday present and Hill learned how to play the pity card with his Dada.  So not only did Rhodes get a truck…so did Hill but only because according to Chip, “he’s had a rough time with hitting his lip and all.”

The birthday party was fun!  We had a good time playing with everyone and hanging out.  I only got one picture of the birthday boy because I had my camera but the battery was in my car, which Chip had.  So two halves don’t make a whole.  
I used my cell phone to grab a pic of this cutie patootie!  
Happy 1st Birthday, Rhodes!

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