Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Slowing Down

There is absolutely no slowing Hill down.  He has acted like nothing has happened.  We are so very very thankful of his immediate's literally the craziest thing I've ever seen.  He eats, drinks, plays as normal and reads no less than 6,000 books a day since he has to stay at home for the next couple of weeks.

Mama Lou has been great to have here and help out.  I'm sure she is exhausted beyond comprehension chasing this little 16 month old around!  I know she's eating up every minute with him though.  I had to chuckle because the first night she was here she asked Hill if he wanted her to hold him and rock him.  He shook his head no and ran the other way.  I told her it's a different ball game now that he's walking and slowing down!

I don't have any pictures of his lip progress.  The swelling has gone down a bit and he hasn't needed the first drop of pain medicine.  His stitches are all still in place except the ones in the bottom of his lip - - he likes to lick them and play with them.  I remember freaking out after his first surgery that a couple stitches broke...this go round I didn't flip as much because I remember Dr. Shell telling me last year that there were so many internal stitches he wasn't worried about the outside ones too much.  Lord, I still hope that's the case, but the lip isn't split open or anything - it's already started healing.  This little guy is so resilient.  He's like a little starfish, just regenerating things back to normal.  Amazing.

We go tomorrow for his follow up appointment.  I don't expect anything except a 2 1/2 hour drive there just so that Dr. Shell can say he looks great only to jump in the car 30 minutes later to drive 2 1/2 hours back.  I don't mind a bit though.  My little bugga is worth it and so is Dr. Shell. 

Sorry this post isn't very eventful.  I'm just working, as is Chip, and my mom is at home with Hill playing and having "outdoor adventures in the wagon" as she calls them.  We are looking forward to the long weekend and hope to be able to swim sometime soon.  Tomorrow night they are having a Relay for Life fundraiser with Disney Characters; we hope to be home from Memphis in time for Hill to go have fun with Mickey.  I'll be sure to take pictures.

In the mean time here are a few of Hill utilizing his time off to the best of his ability.  You know his mama is a slave driver and productivity slowing down!
Cleaning up Dada's extension cord in the yard.

Vacuuming with his 'Get Well Soon' balloon.

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