Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had such a fantastic time during Easter.  Hill got to go to two egg hunts so of course we had to practice on Friday to prepare for "how to" hunt eggs.  First of all we had to discuss that the eggs weren't balls.  Hill would pick them up and say "BALL!" and chunk it on the ground (they were plastic eggs.)  He can now say egg and it sounds a little more like a Canadian 'ehh.'  He did a good job at egg hunting practice.  He knew to look around and find them, then pick them up and put them in the basket - at what speed or force they were thrown into the basket didn't matter, they were in the basket.

Friday night we went to the Passion Play at the Methodist Church.  They always do a great job and it's so neat because it's outside and the community comes together to watch it.  They offer childcare and Hill was the only kid in the nursery.  I felt like a bad mama at first because everyone had their kids out watching the play, but knew Hill wouldn't have sat still that long.  Nor would I have wanted to hold him for that long.  He was in a good mood even though he had gotten his 15 month shots earlier that day.  When I went to go pick him up from the nursery I asked how he did and they said, "he seemed miserable."  Oh great!  If it's any consolation I had a nice time.  Here are some pictures.

How appropriate...Hill's Godparents
Hart & Whitney

Pilates guard

Jesus on the cross
 Here is my beautiful Easter lilly.  It smells so wonderful in my house.  I love walking by and getting a whiff of it's fragrant smell.  I thought it was appropriate to put it next to the picture of my sweet blessing.

Speaking of my sweet blessing....
The Pettit's invited us to come to the Methodist Easter egg hunt Saturday morning.  We were ready to put our good practice sessions into action!

Tanner, Whitney, Hill ready to hunt!

All The Egg Hunters

Hill's First Egg!

Look Mama! I'z found one!

Tanner showing Hill how to do it.

'Good Hill Hunting'
(cheesy I know, I couldn't resist)

Mmmmm, candy
When he likes something he always looks at you and says "MMMM"
Easter candy was no exception

Tanner cracking me up.  He said to Hill, "Hill, do you want to share your candy with me?"

Tanner sharing Hill's candy with Hill.

Sweet boy

Look who we got to play with!
Cobb came to hunt eggs too!

Cobb, Hill & Tanner checking out the Easter loot.

Handsome Cobb

Don't you just want to EAT HIM UP?!

This little guy was on a mission!


So now that we had accomplished Egg Hunt 2011 Round 1 we were psyched about Egg Hunt 2011 Round 2 at our church, St. Matthew's Episcopal, Sunday morning.

Hill has the mantra down pat now..
Look, find, throw in the basket.
Look, find, throw in the basket.

Those little legs carry him pretty fast!

Found one!

Shane Preston was the master egg finder

Hill showing the church ladies his finds!

This one really does look like a ball!

Adorable bunny cake

Eating bunny cake with dada while holding an egg that looks like a football.
We had a little incident at church.  Hill stood in an ant bed and they bit his little tootsies and he didn't know what to do.  My heart melted that I didn't see them!  He's ok now, just has about 7 or 8 bites on his left foot.  Poor bugga.
After church we headed out to the Warrington's.
When JJ and I were probably 5 months pregnant we were at Dirt Cheap in Starkville and ran across this HUGE inflatable water slide.  We split the cost (less than $100 total) because we knew that our little boys would enjoy the outside and water even before they were born...they were Hawkins & Warrington's they didn't have a choice but to like outdoors and water.  I was so excited for us to get to use it for the first time.  We'd been waiting for this day for a while...

Sweet noggin' splashing around.

being a little dare devil

I had to capture Ellie Kate and her hilarious all day wedgie.
I know her mama won't mind my posting this....

Hill climbing up the slide
You know what they say...
"It's all fun and games until someone has an allergic reaction to sunscreen."
As if the million ant bites weren't enough trauma drama for the day; Hill had an allergic reaction to his sunscreen.  Last year he screamed when we put it on him (he was like 6 months old) I have sensitive skin and sunscreen usually makes my face burn a bit when I apply it.  I didn't think much about it then another time he got red splotches when we were out at the country club, but I didn't associate it with the sunscreen.  Then this time it was just full force swollen wattery eyes, splotchy face, it was nap time but I wouldn't let him sleep because I was afraid his throat would swell shut!  JJ, our friend, pharmacist, hero, etc gave him some Zyrtec.  Now we are on the search for sunscreen that will work for him and the sad thing is we have to learn by trial and error.  So, this may happen again. Boo!
Tanner explaining to Hart & Whit his theory on the slide

Kids playing and having a great time!
JJ, Harvey, Ellie Kate Johnson (top), Emma Grace Johnson  (bottom), Tanner

Fell asleep with his plastic shovel in hand.
What a fun exhausting weekend!

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sm2 said...

YOu may have tried it already, but we use California Baby sunscreen. It doesn't have all those scary chemicals and such. YOu can get it at Target. Good luck!