Monday, May 02, 2011

Double Decker Weekend

We are back from an awesome weekend at the Double Decker Festival in Oxford with the Pettit's, Pope's and Warrington's.  I forgot my camera (or so I thought until I got home and looked in the side pocket of my purse) and don't have any pictures of the entire weekend except for this one from my phone which does a pretty good job of summing up everything...

Nice weekend for a stroll in the great weather, relaxing, too much fun and precious people.

I didn't run the 5K.....I feel a little like a quitter, especially since the weather was spectacular.  The Pope's got their best times yet and so did Whitney's sweet friend Meredith (who ran the 10K being 22 weeks pregnant - GO MERE! Who has the energy to do that when you are pregnant anyway?)

I will say that I had an awesome time holding up the cheerleader signs with Whit that we made.  Whitney didn't get to run either and so we camped out at mile marker 1 and I held a sign that said "Don't Stop People Are Watching!" and Whitney's said "Run Fast 4 Beer!"  Then when Jason and Gena ran by we had special signs for them.  Having run a 5K before (not like I'm an old pro or anything) I know how much the signs and people cheering you on helps.  We had so many people thank us and comment to us and ask where the beer was and laugh.  It was really rewarding.  I know that is cheesy, but I truly enjoyed it and feel like I got a lot from it being there to support those people.  After most of the 5K'ers passed we jumped in the car and went to the finish line to help cheer everyone on again.  Still holding our same signs people were appreciative of us being there to cheer and clap. It was fantastic.

I will post more about the weekend once my photographers send me their pictures.  In the mean time, tonight is Hill and Harvey's first swimming lesson.  We are traveling to Jackson since we can't find anyone to teach kiddos under the age of 3 around here.  Our little boys are around water too much to not try to educate them and familiarize them with it.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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Tanner said...

it was so great to see your smiling faces at the end of the race, and all i did was was walk the 5k!!! glad yall had fun:)